Tuesday 28 May 2019


Hey,so I just thought to document this here, It is an old poem I wrote,the inspiration came from basically watching the sterotypes black girls have to go through and how we are constantly seeking validation for our beauty, then I listened to Dylema's poem "what if a black girl knew "....I just thought to remind all black girls that they are just perfect.

Black girl



What if a black girl knew 
She could embrace herself 
That she could come to terms with her form
That her body must not conform to the norm
That it is an embodiment of fulfilment in itself 

What if a black girl knew 
That the folds on her belly is not a clarion call
Not a cue to seal up her confidence 
That the rolls of lush flesh on her back is not a reason to relapse 
That her loose skin is not a reason for her to lose herself 
and be uptight 
What if she knew that the blemishes on her face
Is evidence that she is human and not a reason
to forget all her wishes
That the bags beneath her eyes are not empty, that they
Carry clear vision and sight for passion
That her little, hollow or bulgy eyes will lead her to light 

What if she knew 
that the hair sprouting from the pores of her skin is uniqueness that will help her wax strong
That her big lips are succulent
That even her thick thighs can climb the ladder of success 
That her body is magic

What if she knew 
that even without the visibility of her collar bones 
She is still a valid bone structure
That her stance can still make dry bones rise again
What if a black girl knew 
That her beauty does not need validation 
What if she knew that her knuckles can still chop knuckle(lol I ran out of lines here)....

Black girl


*What if a black girl knew
That she is culture
That the flicker in her eyes can ignite a dream
That the wonder lingering in her soul 
can become a wonder
That the pout on her lips can turn to a story 
What if a black girl knew
That her skin is heritage
That it's colour does not need more colour
That it is bright enough
*What If she knew
That she could tie the world beneath her turban
And own it
That her hands are equipped for moulding
Life's and shaping destinies
*What if she knew
That she could dream and wake up to it in reality
That her history is not misery
That her roots should never be uprooted
That though she is in boots, a strapless dress,
Fine silk or ankara
She is a representation of that place
That place were her true soul lives in freedom.

Black girl


What if a black girl knew 
That she is  blessing to the earth
Divine dust breathing life 
With Equipped bodies grounded in
The art of holding life in her belly

What if a black girl knew 
That her skin is the colour of gold dust
Glistening above bones that form 
the frame work of her body 
A body that curves in diverse shapes and sizes
or make a straight line
What if she knew
That this body is actually her own
An ownership she might   
merge into a partnership
 not dominace or choose to keep for herself 
What if she knew
That the flesh that part her lips to showcase her fine teeth
Can close and open at will
That her quick gesture or smile is not consent 
That an invitation to her home is not an invitation to treat her body like a treat
That the pressing of her palm against fingers
Is not a contract to make unsolicited  contact with her body

What if she knew 
That it's okay for her hair to be nappy
That her braids are to adorn her head 
And not a means to drag her by even when she pleads bye
That her make up is good but it is not all she is made off
That deep down she is more than a pretty face

That her silence should have a voice
That her eyes should only water with reasonable reason

What if she knew that stereotypes do not fit her type
That maybe her body is main, it is not a prototype 
That she can give room for growth and newness
What if she knew that it's not her fault.

Word of advice for people aspiring to write,  your first draft is not meant to be perfect when I wrote this poem I thought it was the next best thing after maya angelou's Phenomenal woman but looking at it now I can see the flaws , better ways I should have put tenses etc.,I am working on a poem with this same theme and I am encouraged by my growth. So never discard your first draft use it as a reference point and don't beat yourself up, it does not have to be perfect - Roseline Mgbodichinma 

Check out @Dylema_ page she is amazing!

What if a black girl knew

Tell me your honest, sincerest opinion about this piece! Thank you

Friday 3 May 2019



It was my darling's birthday( the fair one on black ) and I missed it because I traveled.  I got back and I thought let's go out and hang. let's just chill.

After many hours of indecisiveness, we carried ourselves to this eatery. Now, this was not our first time there. I have never been impressed by that place but this time it was worse! The customer service was zero.

Poor customer service

In this eatery, there is this chicken package that comes with two plates of rice, a bucket chicken, chips or Moi Moi then a large bottle of any soft drink. We wanted to order that but I rose my big hand and said no. I want us to get a cheaper package, in this economy you want us to spend #5400 on rice and coke, who does that.

There was another package that went for #1300, mind you all these things were on display so we could see the food and the prices slated on them, brethren one dark clueless boy came to attend to us. He told us the #1300 package came with chips, rice, and chicken, then a drink. We asked up to four times to be sure because the menu on display was a bit misleading. He confirmed and sharp girls like us ordered 3 plates. So #3900 as opposed to #5400.

Uncle started serving it after like 20 minutes of wasting our time. We were tired of standing at the counter at this point. We were famished and ready to eat, next thing he removed the chips from the plate and said that the Menu was changed and it was just rice and 4 crumbs of chicken that went for #1300.

One of the waitresses saw us complaining so she asked who was serving us and he said to me!  me! As per I got this, serving is my calling, I have masters in food menu cramming and arrangement. He didn't want her interfering. so she left him to it. I insisted I wasn't going to pay for nonsense. I can't order one thing and you give me another thing and expect me to pay, but as a child of God patience is key so I was acting cool about it. 

My level headed friend said we should manage the food, after all, it's still rice and chicken, the guy was already sweating because he said they had recorded the order and we had to pay or else he would bear the cost. I asked if we could substitute the rice for 700 Naira Ice cream and 350 Naira meat Pie and he refused, said that it was against their policy.  

I was there thinking to myself, so being a confused waiter is part of your policy? 
Customer service in some restaurants are just poor, how will the waiter be unfamiliar with the menu? So I can't change my order? How is your incapability my concern?


We hoped that considering the size of the food, it would at least be delicious ha! We thought wrong. I wanted to go and leave him there to face the wrath. But again, my friend said let's manage. We had not  tasted anything yet. What's the worst that can happen.

He served us the rice, people of God when he put it. I was looking for the dog they were serving because it cannot be me they just gave one spoon of jollof rice for #1300. 

I was at 100 degrees boiling point but I was calm, time to put chicken and he put 4 pieces of one thing that looked like dried cashew nuts, at this point you would think we walked out ...if I hear!

Let me give you a clear picture

Rice: Almost tasteless but I thought, hey it's Jollof and we can manage and chew chaff, there is chicken inside too, so what's the worst that can happen. 

Chicken: Oh lord!!!!! These people roasted leftover chicken and decorated it with salt, no you don't understand, the amount of salt in that thing will peel your tongue, there was no flesh. We basically paid for bone and salt. Did I tell them I was lacking Iodine and calcium? 

Suffice all to say, It was the most distasteful eatery experience of my life.

Imagine preparing to take your friend out and this happens to you, on someone's birthday bikonu! I expected better value for my money, the only thing that made sense was Fanta because they didn't produce it. If not, I am pretty sure the Fanta would have been salty too.

There was no toothpick or floss provided, the tray was broken, the waiter was sweating under the air-conditioner, how irritating!

L-Eunice M-Olivia R- Me

Someone said I should give them the benefit of doubt, that maybe something went wrong on that day. so I will not call them out. And I still go there occasionally to get other things e.g bread. I won't be risking any other thing, till I am convinced there is a change. 

Salty chicken

I  wrapped the so-called chicken in my bag, I plan to add it to the Egusi soup I am cooking because I can't just leave my money there and of course we would not put salt in the soup because the one they used in frying or baking the bone they served us will be enough for two soups.

Anyway, lesson learned. 

@oliviaeze03 shot it!

Here are 10 signs you are in a bad restaurant. Let me quickly add, go with your guts and leave the restaurant when your order goes wrong, don't pity anybody or try to patronize to the point that you poison yourself. Please be guided!

Ehe..drum roll please I have talented friends
Eunice, the birthday girl is an amazing artist her Instagram handle is _ukamaka_ go and see the raw expression of talent

Olivia, the one that said I should sit down and chew salt is an amazing photographer that knows too much book, she took most of the pictures her Instagram handle is Veeyaas_lens go and say hi to them, say you are from the blog And please tell her the awesome photos on her phone is for the world to see and not for the decoration of her gallery!

If you have had any restaurant, eatery or
poor customer service wahala  (issue)
I want to hear from you in the comments or email me I'd love to engage. Bye! 


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