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Friday, 3 May 2019


May 03, 2019 18 Comments
Story time : ok so It was my darling's  birthday( the fair one on black ) and I missed it because I travelled , I got back and I thought let's go out and hang yunno let's just chill.

After many hours of indecisiveness we carried ourself to this eatery. Now this was not our first time there o, I have never been impressed by that place but this time it was worse! The customer service was zero.

Let me gist you
In this eatery there is this chicken package that comes with  two plates of rice, A bucket chicken,  chips or moi moi and  a large bottle of any soft drink. we wanted to get that one o! but I rose up my big hand and said no..let's buy a cheaper package, in this economy you want us to spend 5400 on rice and coke who does that. There was another package that went for 1300, mind you all these things where on display so we could see the food and the prices on them, brethren one dark clueless boy came to attend to us, he told us the 1300 package came with chips, rice and chicken then a drink,  we asked up to four times to be sure because the menu on display was a bit misleading, sharp girls like us ordered 3 plates. So 3900 as opposed to 5400.

Uncle started serving it after like 20 minutes of wasting our time. We were tired of standing at this point,  next thing he removed the chips from the plate and said that the Menu was changed and it was just rice and 4 crumbs of chicken that was 1300, One of the waitresses saw us complaining  so she asked who was serving us and he said me!  me! As per I got this ,serving is my calling, I have masters in food menu cramming and arrangement. 

They left him o, me I said I can't pay for nonsense, like this is not what we wanted , I can't order one thing and you give me another thing and expect me to pay, but as a child of God patience is key and Olivia my level headed friend said we should just manage that shebi it's still rice and chicken, the guy was already sweating because he said they had recorded the order and we had to pay, I asked if we could substitute the rice for 700 Naira Ice cream and 350 Naira meat and he refused that it was against their policy. Customer service in some restaurants are just poor, how will the waiter be confused? So I can't change my order? How is your incapability my concern?


We carried this food that can fit into my palms to the chair, we hoped that considering the size of the food , it would at least be delicious  ha! We thought wrong.I wanted to go and leave him there to face the wrath, again my friend said let's manage. We had not  tasted anything yet o , we said oya put the rice , people of God when he put it, I was looking for the dog they were serving because it cannot be me they just gave one spoon of jellof rice for 1300. I was at 100 degrees boiling point but I was calm, time to put chicken , he put 4 pieces of one thing that looked like  dried cashew nuts, at this point you would think we walked out..if I hear!

Let Me explain how it went down
Rice : Almost tasteless but I thought ,hey it's jellof and we can manage and chew chaff aby there is chicken inside.
Chicken: Oh lord!!!!! These people roasted left over chicken and decorated it with salt, no you don't understand, the amount of salt in that thing will peel your tongue, there was no flesh , so basically I paid for bone and salt because I told them I was lacking Iodine and calcium.

          It was the most distasteful food experience of my life ,  Imagine preparing to take your friend out and this happens to you, on someone's birthday bikonu! See lemme just say it Awka is expensive compared to other places I have been to, I expected better value for my money or at least the moneys worth , the only thing that made sense was fanta because they didn't produce it , if not the fanta would have been salty too.
There was no toothpick or floss provided , the tray was broken,the waiter was sweating under the air-conditioner , how irritating!

L-Eunice M-Olivia R- Me
Someone said I should give them the benefit of doubt that maybe something went wrong on that day ,so I will not call them out. I normally do not buy food outside except you are paying for me, I prefer snacks or bread and the day I decide to try food they gave me bland rice with bone and salt.

Salty chicken

I  wrapped the so called chicken in my bag, I plan to add it to the Egusi soup I want to cook because I can't just leave my money there and of course we would not put salt in the soup because the one they used to cook  the bone they served us will be enough for two soups.
Anyway lesson learnt, I am not doing again.

@oliviaeze03 shot it!

Here are 10 signs yout are in a bad resturant . Let me quickly add, go with your guts and leave the restaurant when your order goes wrong, don't pity anybody or try to patronise to the point that you poison yourself. Please be guided!

Ehe..drum roll please I have talented friends
Eunice, the birthday girl is an amazing artist her instagram handle is _ukamaka_ go and see the raw expression of talent
Olivia, the one that said I should sit down and chew salt is an amazing photographer that knows too much book, she took most of the pictures her instagram handle is oliviaeze03  go and say hi to them, say you are from the blog And please tell her the awesome photos on her phone is for eyes to see not for the decoration of her gallery!
If you have had any resturant,eatery or poor customer service wahala  (issue) please John want to hear from you in the comments or email me I'd love to engage.bye!
Ngwa bye!! Ahn..I am shaa a fine girl

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