Thursday 23 July 2020


Cassie Daves blog planner

I got the Cassie Daves blog planner last year but I never got around to using it. I was not as intentional as I am now about blogging. 
This planner literally put my head in the game. Before I continue, let me just say that Cassie Daves is so amazing, her creativity, curation, style and work ethic just inspires you to start and make the most of what you have. I am not kidding when I say I visit her blog at least twice every day.

Blog content planner

The delivery of this planner was relatively quick. I was so excited because I have had bad luck with deliveries in the past but this one came signed sealed and delivered, tailor-made to cater to all blogging and content curation needs, the delivery guy was handsome, not that you asked but anyway. The Cassie Daves blog planner is not just a planner, it is a guide. Holding it in my hands was an absolute dream. 

The cassie daves blog planner

The beautiful thing about this blog planner is that it can be used by anyone for diverse purposes, you don't have to be a blogger or content creator to use it. It is great for journaling and keeping track of growth as an individual, plus it's so classy. 

I remember getting questions from people on how I got it whenever I brought it out to use so trust me to carry it everywhere.

From the features of the blog, you can tell that the planner was made with precision, Cassie paid attention to detail. 

When I got the planner I started to question all my intentions, like why did I really create my blog in the first place? Do I have a community/ audience? There were questions on the first page like "who do you write for?" "What is your aim?" it made me sit down and actually think of how to create value. I felt dragged, to be honest.

Blog planner nigeria

Unlike other planners, I have seen or downloaded from the internet, the Cassie Daves blog planner stands out for me. It provides a workable format for you to follow in terms of setting goals and promoting your blog on all social media platforms. 

It points you to websites that make your content creation process seamless. It even goes on to teach you how to structure and arrange your blog posts, how, when and where to share your posts.  

The planner is a whole master class! I was completely stunned when I saw the tips on how to collab with brands on the planner, like could blogging get any merrier,  If this isn't premium content then I don't what is.

My favourite features from the Cassie Daves blog planner are 

1. The to-do list

To do list

If you are a very impulsive person like me then this will help keep you in check. You just have to write down everything you need to do for the day and tick it off as you go.

2. The quotes/ affirmation page

Daily quotes

Cassie daves do better

It is just refreshing and motivating to read and remind yourself of what is truly important. Some of the quotes relate to a present struggle and when you read it, it hits different. 

I don't know about you but I like to flip the pages and see words like " never stop choosing joy"  "own your magic" and my all-time favourite "do epic shit" ( this one has a tee-shirt, you can shop  here )

3.  The blog post ideas and goals page

Blog post ideas

Life goals

Content creators are in the habit of writing down a ton of ideas without a plan or action in place to implement those ideas. This page makes you think of practical steps to ensure your idea come to light. 

There is an actionable steps page where you can outline steps and actions you need to take to your blog to the next level.

4. The blog post calendar and social media posting schedule

Blog post calender

Social media scheduling

This helps in scheduling your post, so you have a time frame to work with. It helps you stay consistent on social media and your blog. The last thing you want to do is not to show up for your community and watch the numbers reduce.

5. Blog review and stats page

Blog statistics

This is for taking stock, more like a reflection page to enable you document how far you have come and the areas of improvement to take cognisance of. It is an overview of your blog/ social media growth. Eg you could take note of the number of shares, views etc.

The cassie daves blog planner check list
I and this planner have been through thick and thin. It is very durable.

Note pads
Other Cool colours!!

I hundred per cent recommend this planner for everyone. If you keep diaries or journals you need this, so step it up a notch and get the Cassie Daves blog planner or note pad. There is a discount on the planner now, you can check it out here.

To know more about Cassie Daves and to shop the Cassie Daves blog planner visit her blog and online shop.

Shop cassie daves

Do you think planning and journaling are important? Are you team write down the vision and make it plain or team everything dey my head? Tell me.

Tuesday 21 July 2020


I am haunted by the cries of the dead
And the struggles of the living, 


I am scared of home, 
The one place i find serene,
Away from the temper of the scorching sun, 
The stench emitted from the heart of men,
And every other rotten breaks 
Evolved from the surface of genesis. 

The soles of my feet are never perceived
By the soil of blood and water
Unless my shanty runs out of supplies. 

My simplicity entices the eyes of the mysterious,
And my life, a pandora's box. 

I am haunted by the cries of the dead
And the struggles of the living, 
Their voices have now become
An entertainment to my ears. 

My stare says i love you,
Her smile says i love you too.
Words weren't said


The sky almost white.
Traces of blue.
A sunny day.
We sit side by side
Like Simba and kopa
Watching the sunset.

My lungs fill with O2
Mixed with cologne
And a glass of fine wine.

The atmosphere blends so fine
I could feel my legs swing
To a rhythmical pattern.
Her legs swing too.
The view from up here spells poetic.
Men, women and children play in the water,
Running to shore each time the sea gets too excited.
Flocks of birds take off from trees,
Racing against each other like a medal awaits the first runner.
My stare says i love you,
Her smile says i love you too.
Words weren't said.

Poetry on lonliness

I am like an adopted puppy secluded from the love of the mother and roof of the father.


I am without mother and father,
The last of my kind.
The circle of love that surrounds me dwindles away along with the dance of the wind.
My world slumps like an angel stripped of its wings into a space filled with solitude,
Gently choking in it like a wrecked ship,
Slowly losing the sight of light, consumed by the fog of darkness. 
I am like an adopted puppy secluded from the love of the mother and roof of the father.
I hear the echo of what sounds like the voice of my mother. 
My name radiating from all corners of the earth, round and round.
Take me by the hand, your father is waiting for you; the voice said.
I am like a sadly terrified puppy lost in the middle of the woods, 
Dying to run back into the warm arms of the mother. 


Young poets

How did this poem make you feel?
What was your favorite Poem from the collection and why?
You can connect with the Poet on
Instagram @the.chokolate.guy

Saturday 18 July 2020

3 Things you should never say to anyone after the lockdown

This is a guide to help you not to attract curses for yourself. We are all looking forward to the end of this pandemic so that we can return to our normal lives without fear. It's been roughly three months and a lot of people have not seen each other since the lockdown. 
It is normal to anticipate and have expectations about each other but let us be civilised. It is important that we consider people's feelings. Remember it's a pandemic we went in for, not a life master class, a vacation or summer body camp.

We are human and our feelings are valid, it doesn't make sense for anybody to make another person feel bad about anything this period. There is power in the tongue o!  I know some of us Africans are savage by default. Some of us don't even know that these things are wrong. So I am here to help you. In case you don't know what I am talking about. I have created a 3 step guide for you.

Here are three things you should not say to anyone when you see them after the Lockdown

Pandemic and lockdown diaries

1. You have added/lost weight / or any other comment about peoples bodies.

If you just say you are looking good or fresh, you won't die I promise. The gods won't send you to the evil forest if you just avoid making comments about people's weight.

Trust me everybody has a mirror and when it comes to weight loss or weight gain people's goals differ, it is an emotional journey for some people. Imagine body shamming a woman with PCOS( polycystic ovarian syndrome) one of the symptoms/ effects of it is excessive weight gain. You don't know the struggle such a person has had to go through.
So just zip it before you demoralize somebody.

Coronavirus has messed up our mental health, do not turn your mouth into an assistant virus. Shalom! 

2. Did you even achieve anything this Lockdown

Coronavirus pandemic

Kpele o Albert einstein. See eh, its a pandemic not a productivity contest. Everybody is dealing with things differently. While I agree that this is a good time to discover yourself, read books and make money online if you have the means and resources, I also think that we should not judge people or put undue pressure on them for not striving to become the next big thing. Let's give ourselves grace. 

It is natural to crave self-gratification and accolades. It is okay to want a pat on the back sometimes, just don't do it out of spite or comparison.
Life is not a thug of war. There is space for all of us. Ask others how they are, how they are feeling, how they got through the Corona period. Heck, some people could not even feed.

We know you went over and beyond, more power to you, just don't make anybody feel less by trying to downplay or weigh your effort with theirs. This too shall pass, let's just be civilised. 

3. Me too / my own was even worse.

Lockdown diaries

Well done o! Mr Experience. I understand that you want to empathise and you want to relate to everything after all this pandemic hit all of us. But note that it hit us differently. when someone is relating their woes to you resist the urge to make it about you.

Listen first and show concern before you tell them how your own house was on fire. It's hard, but it is doable. If you seriously wanted to talk about it, then you should have opened up first. This thing is not a competition, there is no prize for the most miserable Lockdown experience. Just be present and offer assistance anyway you can.


Lock down diaries

Thank you, stay safe and resist the urge to shalaye! Please if you have any more suggestions or opinions, let's party in the comments.

Wednesday 8 July 2020


Female friendships are vital
Illustration by Reyna Noriega

I feel like if I say happy new month you will not respond because this is almost mid-July and it's been a hot minute since I posted.  I sincerely do not know where the days are racing to, but we move.  This post was birthed from a conversation I had with a friend. 

I have been doing a lot of reflecting lately and I noticed something interesting about my life( so this post is purely born out of personal experience) About 80 per cent of the emotional, physical and financial support I receive come from the women in my life. It made me so glad to be able to squash the ‘’women don’t support women narrative.’’  My friend believes that Female Friendships are a disaster and that it comes with so much baggage.
Female friends over male friends

I know a lot of females who would rather have male friends as close friends or keep more male friends. This is because according to them, women are too much drama. There is unnecessary competition over male attention; there are disagreements that last longer than they are supposed to. Guys just punch each other and get it over with. It is just different for women.

While I admit that some of these are true, I maintain, that to a large extent female friendships are a necessity. I can't speak so much for male friendships, it doesn't receive the type of backlash female friendships receive, even though, the ‘’bro code’’ is a concept I strongly suggest should be re-examined as it is becoming a haven for the unsafe and unacceptable behaviours of men. We will rant this rant another day.

Why Female Friendships are Important

They can simply relate in a way male friends can’t: when you go through stuff as a girl/ woman both physically and emotionally, you want empathy and not sympathy, in that you need someone who not only understands how you feel but has felt that way too.  E.g. you can’t even explain cramps to yourself - the pain is like your entire reproductive organs are at war and the weapons of the warfare are pepper, hair clips and a grinding machine -  let alone to your male friends.

How do you tell someone who doesn’t have breasts that your breasts feel heavy or uncomfortable sometimes? I don’t know about you but I like it when my sorry comes with an ‘’I feel you’’ type of support.  

Female friendships are valuable

They are less judgemental:  Hold on, before you bite me. There are some emotions you feel that make you take some decisions and actions that you end up regretting.  You need someone with a mind as dynamic as your own to understand this behaviour.

Think of the heart to heart talk you have with your female friends, it’s like an unravelling, you explore things that are deeply personal, you literally feel the connection in the conversation. There is a kind of vulnerability and acceptance that you receive; it is a different kind of vibe. 

If you went to a boarding school remember those nights that you gather in a circle and just share experiences. It is almost divine to witness a group of women who unburden themselves and have a good time. You can't get that type of feeling with the opposite sex.

They help defy stereotypes:  Nothing beats having a group of formidable and reliable female friends. It is so empowering to know that you have a tribe of people who are like you, have faced similar struggles and are thriving regardless.

It helps narrow the narrative that women never want each other to succeed or that we are materialistic and always seek male validation.  Society already puts a lot of pressure on women so having each other’s back makes us stronger. 


Why female friendships are important

Tips to maintain/ create Female Friendships

Check up on each other often: Attention is important, find a way to constantly communicate.  It could be planning a trip, a zoom monthly check-in, occasional phone calls or texts etc.

I have a female friend that I really adore and we could spend hours talking on the phone and not run out of things to say, if I am not calling her, I am thinking of calling her. It feels too good.  My best girls and I have a WhatsApp group called ‘’wives and girlfriends’’ it’s so important to me. It is a safe space where I can say anything and not be judged.

When something good or bad happens to me, the first place I want to share it is on that group; the crazy girls that are there probably don’t know how much they mean to me lol. 

Illustration by Reyna Noriega
Learn to Engage with women both online and offline:  Don’t only put yourself in a position to be toasted by guys, do that for women too. Meet them, show interest in their work, it matters. I met one of my most appreciated Female Friends at an event, I walked up to her and said hi and we got talking; now she is my G. There are so many instances I could give but you get the point. 

Have you experienced any friendship drama? share the gist, please!

I do understand that some Females are daughters of Jezebel. It is not easy to handle the hurt and betrayal from female friends. Agh! It can pain. but the same goes for men. Scum has no gender. Don’t put the entire weight on women, female friendships are not a disaster.

There are still strong and supportive women who don’t gossip or compete for the attention of men.  It is important for men and women to complement each other, after all, we share the world. I still maintain that nobody gets you like your own kind. Nobody gets a female like a female!

Do you have more female/male friends? 

What is the reason for your preference?

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