Balancing is different from multitasking + why do you want to hurry up and matter ?


It is the end of march already somebody tell 2019 to slow down nobody is chasing it, or is it just me? Do you ever feel like Time is running out like there are things you need to achieve at a certain, age, time or period? Is balancing hard for you?
It is not a rhetorical question don’t worry the answer is yes!  
Everybody wants to blow and it is totally fine, but I will ask you in Salem king's voice why do you want to hurry up and matter?

Nobody wants to sit down on the bench again and take the pain of the process. I genuinely like the hustling spirit, I want all my guys to be ballers. But what can we really do to achieve this? I don't have all the answers But I can tell you for free balancing is key. It is really early as I type this post, I just woke up wondering about a lot of things.

I have this blog that I want to be serious about. I have my Instagram Page that I sincerely want to build into a community. 
I strongly recommend you read purpose-driven life by Rick warren. Here is a link to the audio version of purpose-driven life it will really help to set your mind straight.

Balance is the even distribution of weight, balance is stability. Balancing is a lifestyle, a conscious effort that has grown into commitment. E.g when you play away the semester and you have few days to exams so you read the courses simultaneously while cooking, washing, doing assignments, etc, in this case, did you multitask? Yes, do you live a balanced life? No!
Did I just make sense? 

Sonia on the left, Pamela on the right.


In case I haven’t said it here.
I am a law student(give me a chilled glass of anything cold pls) I always knew I was going to do this but nothing prepared me for the stress and brain drain. I thought it was simply an extension of my secondary school government classes. Oh ! I should have done some other Now I am not saying other courses are easy but you know when you are in a stressful situation, It is normal to think the grass is greener on the other side, till you go there and see reality. 
I am sure you have asked yourself questions about your current level in life and its okay. For me, I just keep wondering like Law is not beans. I have to go to my classes because this degree will not get itself. I have writing contests to enter, novels to read, And most of all I have God. 

Till today I am still lost on how I am supposed to juxtapose all these things.  I follow The amazing Nigerian actress Jemima Osunde and I am sincerely wondering how someone can be great and consistent with a successful acting career and still scale through medical school in rainbow colours, It is a wow!
Live a life that is well balanced; don't do things in excess - Daniel
One day I got back from school and I asked myself what on earth am/I here for. Like God are you sure music is not my calling (but after I soloed amazing by Nathaniel Bassey in secondary school  I perished that idea) can one good samaritan just credit my account with millions? So I'd just stop going to school and start balling lol.

Balancing is not multitasking, It is very similar but in some ways different. 


Balance is a feeling derived from being whole and complete; it's a sense of harmony. It is essential to maintaining quality in life and work. Joshua Osenga, 12 years a Cubicle Slave 

I don’t know what the primary purpose of this post is, but I know someone needs to hear It. One essential thing I know I lack is Balance, yes I will be truthful, getting everything done at the set time is too good to be true for me.

The more often you decline invitations to spend time with friends or family because you are too busy with either work or other activities, the more you should realize that your life is not in balance." Byron Pulsifer, Balanced Life 
It is putting something In a steady position so It does not fall, multitasking is simply doing more than one task at a time, see you can multitask and still have Unbalanced areas of your life, but balance keeps you on track. It keeps you in control and at the helm of affairs, with it comes multitasking. 
Multitasking can happen anytime. you don't really need to be disciplined or anything. 


Before you have the panic and self-doubt attack I had this morning ask yourself this 

  • why am I here? 
  • why am I studying this? 
  • why am I eating this? 
  • why did I start this? 
  • why am I writing this? 
  • Why am I still reading this blog post? 

I am not going all motivational speakerish on you. I just wish you would genuinely ask yourself these questions, think long and hard it will help your life. 
For instance, when I see Ice cream, bread or Juice before I eat It, I ask myself why am I eating this, am I hungry? didn’t I just eat? shebi Man does not leave by bread alone. Why? Because I have a weight loss goal. More than half of the time I eat It anyway, but baby steps we are getting there. I want a consistent healthy eating lifestyle, something I can work with, a pattern. That's what balance is all about.

What the heck is your why, when you know your why, it will drive you. Learn to do things before it is due, sometimes this "as and when due" can get you choked up on stuff.

Waist trainers

All the fine pictures you see Pamela took them for me with Sonia’s iPhone 6s, that's what I call teamwork and support or is it just love.

Pamela is a sweet girl and she has a passion for photography, I love how she researches and Is willing to learn new things plus she is tongue lashing and holy ghost filled. It is not because she is my friend I am just naturally attracted to women with vision.
 I didn’t allow her to edit the pictures because I wanted it as it was taken, but if she did it would have been top-notch Pah_mcy is her Instagram handle. Say hi tell her you are from the blog.

Sonia, she wanted to be an astronaut, a doctor( because she is good with blood ) a musician, then study international relations and diplomacy because you know this country is beginning to piss everybody off. 

But you know the lord took her to the law department because his ways are not our ways. 
Sonia is a writer, a sweet girl, a sensible slay queen and a child of God with the kind of smile I am in love with. She is the owner of the iPhone, she just had to leave the android department.  Itsoni_ee is her Instagram handle, go and say hi, tell her you are from the blog. 


This post was all over the place but I hope you learn a thing or two? We are all trying to figure things out, share your findings with me.


  1. Yes you did make lots of sense. I had same issue of balancing. I am a content writer plus creative writer. I have a blog at and I have Google certification in digital skills that I use very well. I do ghostwriting and audio transcripts. I teach and coach cryptocurrency. Plus a million other things... I am doing my masters in public health. Sometimes I am close to burn out but I must do what I love. I am still figuring out how to find that balance really. Thanks for this post.

    1. Is it not u again.. .Doing mind-blowing things I am just always in shock

  2. Roseline very nice post ....I wish you well and success all round
    # princess e

  3. I genuinely admire how passionate you're in pursuing your dream. This is beautiful

  4. You're very lively with your write-up and I'm impressed. I'm a writer too but have not yet mastered the techniques needed or hos to make money from it.
    I sincerely hope you help me.
    Congrats on your big hitsπŸ‘

    1. Yes love, here to help you.. You can always send an email

  5. I love this.I have over time told you ,you are a great writer. Balance is key in life...please keep up the good work dear.

  6. My Goodness ��.... I love this piece. (should I say my fave part.. ..☺. ..WHAT IS YOUR WHY.. ...that kinda just Stuck out to me.....I'll ask myself that on a regular. why do I bother even getting up from bed every day. me with this, YOU HAVE A WAY WITH WORDS.
    I miss you guys, the whole entire crazy superwomen bunch

    1. Thank you my sweet muchin...sha stand up from the bed o.. In this uni waking up does not need a why.. Lol

  7. Amazing article. See my gurlfren doing big things. All you said is very true. Sometimes all it takes is asking yourself "what is your why" and you're reminded of the reason and you're back on track. I really admire the way you've been able to balance the various aspects of ur life.. And I know they're many. You're a huge inspiration and it helps that you're not so out of reach. I think I should stop deceiving myself that medical school is what's taking all my why and sit the hell up with other things, so yes please do the post on writing contests and how to hunt for them. This gave me a good laugh too, especially " you're amazing, dear lord" LMAO. Good times. Thanks to Sonia and pam for loving you until I'm available 😜. Praying for you. Emma

    1. 😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒stop eettttttt....ion have tissue left..thank you for the support I love love you very very much much

    2. 😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒stop eettttttt....ion have tissue left..thank you for the support I love love you very very much much

  8. Insightful post. More typing eloquence to your fingers.

  9. I dont have to balance anything. Not because i have everything sorted out, but because i have nothing sorted out. you are balancing your blog, and comunizing your instagram page because you have something doing, something passionate about and you are doing it. most people who have trouble balancing have a skill they are good in. i dont. i know i know "i have to give myself time, listen to my inner spirit, go slowly till i dscover what the lord has planned for me" i have heard this before, and from people who have their life figured out so they dont really know what i am passing through, how i feel. the thing is - everyone around me has something doing, or at least a skill. if my friends and i were offered a free huge platform, they would venture in areas they are skilled in and passionate about and i would be stuck looking for who to endorse. also, there is a probability i wont find my part and that scares me!

  10. You will find a path and it's if you don't. surely there must be something you love it! Start it. I think you know what you want but you want it to be a big idea but no. It is really the little things. You can have basic life and it will be unbalanced so..balancing is not just for people who have figured their lives out. Email me let's talk.

  11. Roseline, you make it look so easy and I must say that you're blessed. Keep being you and I'm certain that this is just the beginning. Congrats dear and more wins.

    Esther Awonge

  12. Hmmmm. Didn't know you had all this rhema about balancing....I'm coming for you ����


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