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Thanks for showing interest in working/ Advertising with me.  I really appreciate you for taking out time to check me out. This is a creative and expressive blog aimed at helping and inspiring people. I am open to working with brands that I can create great content with, content that will fit into my blog and your brand needs and audience. I intend to achieve and help uphold your brand’s goals and objectives.
 Services I offer
NB: My services are diverse. I am very flexible to new ideas and I have the unique ability to give life to new methods and aspirations. I am open to Blog sponsorship, advertising, and collaborations with Art, literature, book, Lifestyle/ Fashion brands and business owners that fit my Blog purpose and aesthetic. 
I offer reviews of products, places, books, events. Basically, anything that can be reviewed. Honesty is the best policy as you know so I’ll be honest with my reviews and will only review products and services that align with my blog goals.
You are welcome to place ADS on my blog for a very affordable fee
Social Media Mentions Apart from my blog readership, I also have a community on social media that will engage with your brand. You can pay for promotion.
If you wish to give away your product or services, we can work together to come up with a giveaway plan to boost your brand.

Brand Ambassadorship I’ll make a really good brand ambassador 😎😎 so hit me up let's have a chat.

 I am very open to working with other bloggers, brands etc. I am here for you so holla at your girl let's take each other to the next level.

Contact me: [email protected]

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