Thursday, 14 February 2019


Body image

Today I want to talk about body image and why you should be confident and embrace your body.

 It’s easier said than done especially in this insane media world with diverse people who define beauty by their own standards. It can be very self-conflicting to see people around you or on the internet with banging bodies you don't have.

 I believe it happens to the best of us and it’s nothing to be ashamed of but it is something that has to be stopped or at least reduced to the barest minimum.

 God created us differently and It’s for a good cause, if everybody had a figure 8, the world would be a boring place trust me. So understand your body and go with exactly what works for you. It can be a good thing to dress solely according to your body shape but it can be limiting as well, so I’d say wear what makes you comfortable las las everybody will be alright.


I have heard people say short girls should not wear long or midi skirts, plus size girls should not wear prints, turtle neck or floral, tall girls should not wear heels. Lol, what other silly punch line have you heard?. Note that this is not me telling you to look disheveled or unstylish. This is me telling you to be free and comfortable and enjoy whatever you like regardless of your body shape okay. I really love  Chanel ambrose I have learned a lot about body confidence from her.

Do not let social media intimidate you, heck most people put up only the best part or the best angle.
 I hear face tune is the new plug. So don’t dim yourself over someone’s highlight reel. It’s okay to slay.
I edit the hell out of pictures sometimes, so just relax you are fine, you are okay.

I recently watched a video about young girls talking about body Image Click here to watch, maybe it will encourage you at least you know that you are not alone and most people especially women go through a certain low self-esteem.

See digital tummy tuck, I couldn't breathe lol, I love it's never that deep. 
Also, there are lots of people who want to change certain things about their bodies and that’s beautiful.

If you can’t come to terms with the body you have just do something about it.

 If you don’t like something you freaking change it. Do not keep looking and hating yourself, hit the gym, go on a clean diet or invest in your skincare routine, get down to work and rebuild your body into that awesome masterpiece if it’s plastic surgery you want to do, by all means, carry on but please do it well please I beg you, please.

I once saw a lady with a hexagonal bum, like her behind, was almost square. people of God save up and do it properly, for crying out loud. There is a thin line between increasing the size of your bum and looking like a kangaroo okay, and your nose must not be as sharp as a double-edged word before you have peace, the nose is for breathing and if you can breathe then it Only means that your nose is perfect.

 I have watched some crazy plastic surgery documentaries and videos, Watch. It's crazy
 Just to add stretch marks are like tiger stripes find it beautiful and honorable.

If you have them like me don’t try to cover it or be ashamed. It is totally normal
Love yourself because if you don’t you’d be miserable and you won’t even be able to change it. you need to love yourself enough to be consistent and make changes okay. And before you think of changing it, remember you are unique and there is beauty in your difference. Don't compare yourself to others because
body image and the media interpretation of it can be mentally draining, you can read this article it will encourage you to be more confident in thyself.

Body image and the media
Say nice things to yourself as for I look like a trillion box of vanilla

Listen to me your small boobs are cute, your big boobs are okay, your big belly is fun, your flabby arms will lead you to good places, those tiny legs are fine, everything is okay whether you are big, small, tall, slim, medium anything just know that you are enough and at the end of the day it’s not what size you wear but how you wear your size.
Give up on your insecurities and go look long and hard in the mirror until you start to see and feel good about your self or perhaps take a selfie-and declare to yourself. ‘’I am fearfully and wonderfully made, I am enough and I matter.’’

 I love you and I hope you learned a thing or two or three or more about body confidence,  body image, and the media. Till next time I wish you peace, don't forget to stare long and hard in the mirror it's been proven to help you embrace your body. 


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