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I got the Cassie Daves blog planner last year but I never got around to using it. I was not as intentional as I am now about blogging. 
This planner literally put my head in the game. Before I continue, let me just say that Cassie Daves is so amazing, her creativity, curation, style and work ethic just inspires you to start and make the most of what you have. I am not kidding when I say I visit her blog at least twice every day.

Blog content planner

The delivery of this planner was relatively quick. I was so excited because I have had bad luck with deliveries in the past but this one came signed sealed and delivered, tailor-made to cater to all blogging and content curation needs, the delivery guy was handsome, not that you asked but anyway. The Cassie Daves blog planner is not just a planner, it is a guide. Holding it in my hands was an absolute dream. 

The cassie daves blog planner

The beautiful thing about this blog planner is that it can be used by anyone for diverse purposes, you don't have to be a blogger or content creator to use it. It is great for journaling and keeping track of growth as an individual, plus it's so classy. 

I remember getting questions from people on how I got it whenever I brought it out to use so trust me to carry it everywhere.

From the features of the blog, you can tell that the planner was made with precision, Cassie paid attention to detail. 

When I got the planner I started to question all my intentions, like why did I really create my blog in the first place? Do I have a community/ audience? There were questions on the first page like "who do you write for?" "What is your aim?" it made me sit down and actually think of how to create value. I felt dragged, to be honest.

Blog planner nigeria

Unlike other planners, I have seen or downloaded from the internet, the Cassie Daves blog planner stands out for me. It provides a workable format for you to follow in terms of setting goals and promoting your blog on all social media platforms. 

It points you to websites that make your content creation process seamless. It even goes on to teach you how to structure and arrange your blog posts, how, when and where to share your posts.  

The planner is a whole master class! I was completely stunned when I saw the tips on how to collab with brands on the planner, like could blogging get any merrier,  If this isn't premium content then I don't what is.

My favourite features from the Cassie Daves blog planner are 

1. The to-do list

To do list

If you are a very impulsive person like me then this will help keep you in check. You just have to write down everything you need to do for the day and tick it off as you go.

2. The quotes/ affirmation page

Daily quotes

Cassie daves do better

It is just refreshing and motivating to read and remind yourself of what is truly important. Some of the quotes relate to a present struggle and when you read it, it hits different. 

I don't know about you but I like to flip the pages and see words like " never stop choosing joy"  "own your magic" and my all-time favourite "do epic shit" ( this one has a tee-shirt, you can shop  here )

3.  The blog post ideas and goals page

Blog post ideas

Life goals

Content creators are in the habit of writing down a ton of ideas without a plan or action in place to implement those ideas. This page makes you think of practical steps to ensure your idea come to light. 

There is an actionable steps page where you can outline steps and actions you need to take to your blog to the next level.

4. The blog post calendar and social media posting schedule

Blog post calender

Social media scheduling

This helps in scheduling your post, so you have a time frame to work with. It helps you stay consistent on social media and your blog. The last thing you want to do is not to show up for your community and watch the numbers reduce.

5. Blog review and stats page

Blog statistics

This is for taking stock, more like a reflection page to enable you document how far you have come and the areas of improvement to take cognisance of. It is an overview of your blog/ social media growth. Eg you could take note of the number of shares, views etc.

The cassie daves blog planner check list
I and this planner have been through thick and thin. It is very durable.

Note pads
Other Cool colours!!

I hundred per cent recommend this planner for everyone. If you keep diaries or journals you need this, so step it up a notch and get the Cassie Daves blog planner or note pad. There is a discount on the planner now, you can check it out here.

To know more about Cassie Daves and to shop the Cassie Daves blog planner visit her blog and online shop.

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Do you think planning and journaling are important? Are you team write down the vision and make it plain or team everything dey my head? Tell me.


  1. Girl, others will promote your work like you have promoted Cassie's. Your reward is not only in heaven, you must reap fully here o. This was interesting to read, I used to be a diary person but the kind of stress and CIA work it took to hide it from snoopy people just put me off finally. I still occasionally write stuff on my phone diary though. But I am a diary COLLECTOR. I have a huge collection of diaries I've acquired over the years and just like to look at them then put them back in their secret place away from the prying eyes of thieves *coughfamilycough*. I loved the online shop, infact when I successfully complete my money heist I'm buying everything on there, if anything just to get a feel of the cute delivery guy(I am not a creep I promise). What team am I on? I am team think about writing it down but too lazy to write it down so everything dey my head. Lol. Good talk✌🏽

    1. Lol!! I can relate. I kept a diary and it got lost in my house so I hope to God nobody finds it because hey God.


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