Digital art by Laura h. Rubbin
Art by Laura H. Rubbin

The World is heavy with bad news. I have been afraid, sad, and overwhelmed but I realized my father would want me to choose hope, he would want me to focus on him and surrender. This is just me making sense of a prayer Abba taught us himself. I saw Iyanu Adebiyi do it on her Instagram stories. So,

Here is my version of the lord's prayer

My father
who sits warmly above me
Your holiness purifies my tongue
as I call out your name.
I am here, in this temporal place you have created for me.

 I am learning to twist this place
into a divine blueprint to reflect your
heavenly intentions
To make it as conducive as your
glowing abode
So that I can call you in for a feast
 Fill my belly just enough for me to run out and run to you in split seconds
Needing and yearning from your abundance.

Father this girl is demanding
Asking that you hurry up with the dough
Because the bakeries here choose to
Feed me stone
I am hungry, fill me.

Blot away my red spots
Do not let my sin fix the weight of
The World on my chest
Father, take this filth and make it favor
I will peel off my resentment
And make room for reconciliation
I will not let the heat of my anger burn my
Neighbors skin
I will not be intrusive or call their dermis darkness

My body is orgasmic at the sight
Of things that will destroy me
The path I have chosen is coy
My legs firmly planted in the fields of
Desire and I devour with gluttony everything that crosses my path
Drag me out of this route
Lead me out of this temptation
Father my soul wants to fall
Catch it with light
Save me from the dubiousness
 of bad intentions
Deliver me from all Evil

And when this girl is clean
She will get accustomed to the
The infinitive landmark of your abode
The grandiose of your existence
The reign of your majesty
And she will know truly
That yours is the kingdom
The power and the glory
Till the end of all days

Read the actual lords prayer here.
I encourage you to do this, take any part of the Bible and personalize it, you can start with the Lord's prayer. Leave me a comment and you can even email me your version.
Stay safe and stay prayed up.


  1. With what's going on around us, i see lines that speaks in a different way the horrible things human beings are choosing to do. "Father this girl is demanding
    Asking that you hurry up with the dough
    Because the bakeries here choose to
    Feed me stone
    I am hungry, fill me".
    It speaks volume, it speaks the reality and it captures the need for dough. Nobody wants to walk into a bakery and leave with stones to feed on, i can go on and on but you get the idea of that i saw in your poem.
    Its incredible you did this, we all need a higher power especially now human beings act on hate for no reason.
    Keep it up mami,
    Your doing great.

    1. We need hope because this is just a sad situation.Thank you for reading

  2. All I can reply to this is...


  3. Amen... Thank you for sharing your prayers and also your HOPE

  4. Father should be fast with his dough!
    These are more than stones.

    Beautiful one Rose


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