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Friday 1 May 2020


This is the launch of a new category on my blog. I think I'd name it " The poem per art series" what do you think?
I have been deeply moved and inspired by a lot of amazing art lately so I decided to let you explore this beauty with me.
The poetry is not an attempt to explain the artwork. This will just be me writing whatever poetry came to me when I looked at the artwork.

Today we will be looking at the awesomeness of Frank moth. His whole collection tells you about the future in a tone that still holds the past as valid. It's unexplainable and retrograde in a way that is still progressing. I love the vintage vibe Frank moth displays in his artwork.

Frank moths bio 

Frank Moth, a self-taught digital collage artist with his other half. He has been designing for many years before the alias “Frank Moth” was born in 2014. He tries to create nostalgic postcards from the future, in the search for eternity 
Current city: Veria, Northern Greece
Clients: Bullitt Hotel Dublin, Stanford University, Estrella Street Food Greece, Electric Litany 


Frank moth


Dear girl with coco skin and silver 

Uneasy lies the head that 
bears a garden of thoughts 
A crown cannot be as heavy 
As a bouquet of uncertainties 
Deeply rooted in the mind 

 When the body bears something
That is  both pain and passion 
It is bound to explode into 
Something loud 
A time bomb or maybe even fireworks 
Anything to give the world a warning 
To tell it that it is futile to bury 
 Dreams and thoughts 
No matter how unsure they are
Because you  can't bury a
 Potential seedling and except 
 it to just decay 

Dear girl with coco skin and silver 
That which fingers your mind to aspiration 
Is a bright sunshine yellow 
A living green 
A divine white to 
Remind you how important 
the voices in your head are

Dear girl with coco skin and silver 
Even if your growth is tamed 
 Slow-paced or weird 
Remember that butterflies don't perch 
On gloomy flowers 
Yours is something new to be witnessed
A thing nature announces 
So much so flying creatures perch on
To see for themselves and tell the tale 

The world is sustained by diversity 
Not uniformity 
So dear girl with coco skin and silver 
Sprout in the only way you know-how
It is the world's duty to revolve and adjust 
Not yours.

Frank moth


Be still and know
Your ears were created with an
 opening capable of sieving,
A mighty sound collector
That can expel and retain
Yet you are not utilizing it?
They tell you how to move
Live, eat, use your body
And you absorb it like
 foam to soapy water?
Your eardrums can go silent
 To the talking and
 drumming of negativity
Who gave the stereo the audacity to blast without your approval

Be still and know
That the moving your destiny is tied to
Your listening
What background music do you want playing for your future
The naysaying of the past
The downplaying opinions of present talkers
Or the quietness of your god feeling

Be still and know
That your ears are the
greatest sound instrument
One ironic enough
to hear without listening
Let their banter be mere letters
dropping in out of your ears
Never let it be strong enough to
Become a word you don't need

Be still and know
That you cannot see the rainbow
Without first listening to the sound of the rain

Frank moth

                 SLEEPLESS PILLOW 

They say all you do is dream 
That you imagine a lot 
That you talk about the mountains 
You will move 
When you haven't even gone up a hill
They say you are just a dozer 
A common bedfellow 
So you crawl and lay on
 your sleepless pillow 
And instead of dreaming 
Have a nightmare 

Here's my advice to you dreamer 
Don't wake up
For you will never know if dreams 
Come true if you don't dream about it 
When they mock you again 
Tell them that the nations
 you are building 
Cannot be understood by men
 with earthly genes 
Tell them that shutting your eyes 
Is not to rest your mind 
Tell them it is only to collect 
Enough blueprints to rule mankind 

It's okay to dream 
But just don't take too long to wake up 
Because wonderland may soon become neverland.

Frank moth

                 EVERY WOMAN 

When they call you ordinary woman 
With the normalcy on their tongue 
Forgive them 
It is not easy to
Pronounce mother of the universe
Bearer of dynasties 
Carrier of earthen vessels 
godmother of fathers 
In one moving of the tongue 

When they call you weaker vessel
With their physical strength in display 
Enlighten them 
Your model is not a thing to be 
Understood by beings who think 
With muscles and biceps 
Teach them that during creation 
It was not the able-bodied
 that were sought after 
That the savior did not need testosterone 
To be birthed  

When they deny you a seat at the table
Remind them that a curator like you 
Doesn't need their furniture to be recognized 
Ask them where they were when 
You signed the contract with divinity 
To bring lives into Earth
Tell them that you don't need a seat 
When your whole being is a citadel! 
Then finally take that seat 
Because you can and 
When your body has been used as a passage
Mere passengers cannot deny you wood.


Frank moth

Frank moth

Frank moth

Frank moth

If you read up to this point you are a mastermind. So do you like frank moth? Did you like my poetry? Which one is your favorite? Do you think I should continue with this series? I'd like to know what you think of the artwork itself and then the poetry. Cheers!
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