Hey,people! I am back here again after disappearing for ages,hopefully am here to stay, never got around to talking about myself so I will be answering some ''get to know me tag'' questions.

Q1; Please tell us when where you born?
 I am a '20s' kid save to say my teenage years are almost finished
Q2; What"s your full name and are you proud of it?
My full name is Roseline Mgbodichinma Anya Okorie. i am sure as hail proud of it infact i am particularly in love with ''Mgbodichinma'' it translates to ''when it pleases God,Gods time etc''.

Q3; Where are you from and are you proud of it?
all this proud questions.. I am NIGERIAN and IGBO, a very happy proud Igbo Nigerian person
Q4; Do you love playing sports or do you like watching?
I'd say both.I am not much of a sports person I try to work out sometimes shaa and i really love watching women olympics or gymnastics because i get to imagine running and somersaulting..see eh am an athlete in my mind,if you see me running in my imagination goodness! plus i like watching football when naija is playing yunno as a patriotic Nigerian.

Q5: Which one is better basketball or baseball?
who knows lol ,but I think basketball because basketballers are hot (the guys with carefully crafted 6 packs of yummy goodness)
Q6; Who is your favourite musician from 20th century?
I dont have a favourite musician, there are lot of musicians I admire though like Tasha cobbs, tye Tribbett,Travis greene,waje, Cohbams.etc(you can already tell the kind of songs I listen to) the list is endless.lyrics and personalities of the artists draw me and it changes depends on my mood.

Q7; Are you proud of your points in high school?
yes o! I am very humbled by it.God was too good
Q8; What's your favourite drink?
water, ok I am lying, still battling with smoove(chapman) and vita me a carton of these drinks and we are married.

Q9 : who is your favourite writer?
It goes without saying...CHIMAMANDA NGOZI ADICHIE.. have you read Half of a yellow sun.. I read it twice.
Q10: do you have children?
not yet,I am still a small geh

Q11; How many children do you want to have?
I really dont know , when the time comes God will lead
Q12; If you have children what will you name them?
I'll give them long Igbo o Yoruba names, especially my daughters I will give them difficult names, they can thank me later.

Q13; Which buisness do you want to have and why?
well  I am a bit uncertain about this now butIi know I want to own a fashion/beauty place.I am interested in beautiful fabrics, outfit,make up etc yunno looking good is good I want to own a writing/publishing house. so help us God.
Q14: Whats your favourite scene from movies?
see eh when the actor says something crazy or random or cool I keep reewatching the scene, and I like romance scenes asin a case where two characters genuinely care about each other.

Q15:Do you love music, whats our favourite genre?
yes, my favourite genre is Gospel.
Q16:How tall are you have you dreamt of being taller.
I think am 5'9, and yes I have dreamt of being taller.

Q17: Whats your favourite number please tell us why?
 I never thought about this before  but now I think is number one 1, ion even know why maybe iits because it repesents unity, oneness ..maybe.

Q18: Have you ever dreamed of being a successful lawyer?
of course yes, I am a law student currently and I dream of myself landing mergers , going to trail and closing deals, that's how havard started doing me after watching suits(I recommend you should watch it)
Q19; Where do you want to travel?
Everywhere ,right now I really want to go to South Africa (to my south african readers👋heyylowww)
Q20: Can you describe yourself in three words?
Caring,Assertive,free spirit.

Q21: How many books do you read during summer vacations?
three to five tbh. then lots of poetry
Q22:Can you remember the first time you felt angry?
Nope, but I dont get angry often, buh when I do, It gets really messy

Q23:What was the reason you cried the last time?
I was asking God for forgiveness, cos I messed up big time.
Q24:where do you see yourself in 10 years?
in 10years i should have finished law school,started my buisness and lawcareer, I will be more serious with God and i will be married with children.

Q25:Do you have pets?
 nope, after a dog chased the skin out of me I took a conscious decision not to be a pet person.
Q26:If you love snakes which one is your favourite?
hiannnn,please I cringe at the mere thought of crawling creatures.

Q27:What's the colour of your eyes?
its pepper red when am angry,and black on a normals.
Q28:What's your favourite quote?
''Aspire to acquire the desire you require don't retire but refire to acquire the desire you admire."

Q29:What's your favourite pass time?
watching music and dance videos i can do it all day
Q30:If you can eliminate one limitation in your life what will it be?
It will be uncle and aunty procastination.

Q31:Do you sing in the shower?
YES 1 release my debut albums and singles there.

Okay, this is the end  of my get to know me tag ,my back is now doing me somehow, If there is anything else you'd like to know about me, please put it in the comment section I will answer to the best of my ability.This is me promising to be consistent on this blog.lets be family okay.💗  


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