Reading habits

Hey there my love, I am here to tell you why you should not be reading and also help you improve your reading habits so you can find your reading forte.

Reading habits

   You know reading can be a good thing.
I mean it is a good thing because it expands your horizon. It equips you with knowledge and all of that good stuff but It can be toxic If you’re doing it for the wrong reasons , you’re probably waiting for me to hit the hammer on the nail , I will hit It, just keep reading.

I have passion for teaching KIds to become readers, to become comfortable with a book, not daunted. Books shouldn't be daunting, they should be funny, exciting and wonderful;and learning to be a reader gives a terrific advantage- Roald Dahl

Reading habits

 I get a lot of questions from people about my reading habits aka why I love books and how I read books.

This time, It is not about Academics or school work because to be honest sometimes most Nigerian students including me only read to pass exams maybe because the educational system and process is boring and stressful. If you are in the abroad is it better there? Tell me, that is an issue for another day. 

Reading is the discount ticket to everywhere - Mary schmich

Reading habits

We will be discussing other books, not school books, so don’t run away grab a glass of anything that you can gulp down your throat  without causing trouble for your stomach and let’s engage ok.

DISCLAIMER: I don’t read as much as people think I do, a lot of my people will disagree but it is the plain truth. I just try my best.

Now, I don’t know if it’s just me but I face a lot of pressure when it comes to reading books, like when I look around  and I see people who  can read for Africa.

I just find myself wishing I could read more. You probably have that one friend that reads a lot and you wonder how he/ she does it? Like how and why does he/she enjoy reading? 

Reading habits

I don’t have all the answers but I know people read for different reasons. I also know everybody can read books, anybody can become a bookworm, you just need to find the right book and the right medium to read the book. 


1.  JUST BECAUSE OTHERS ARE READING: listen, you can be motivated by the reading ability of others but when you start seeing it as a competition ‘’as per I read pass you’’ It only means you have lost your essence and sense of direction, don’t resent yourself if you’ve done this, it is totally okay just snap out of it, I have been there, I have done that. 

See eh that Ada read 50 books in three weeks is not a reason you should read or buy 100 books to read, you will end up missing all your schedules and appointments and you will not enjoy it.
 I was the chairman on that table till I nearly failed one of my courses trying to finish ‘’THERE WAS A COUNTRY ‘’ by Chinua Achebe simply because someone on Instagram bragged about reading it, I wanted to prove myself, to show them that I can read big books too , I have still not finished it and it is not about to be finished anytime soon.

There was a country
One day I will take a cozy vacation and read this book well until then, borrow pose!

My Point is, everybody has the unique ability to plan and execute differently so don’t go out of your way because someone is going their way. Amen! 

I can't imagine a man really enjoying a book and reading it only once- C.s Lewis


Remember the review of a book is very subjective to the reader whether good or bad. It is what the reader thinks and interprets from the book, there are diverse perspectives and personalities in this world o. If I hate a book you might be love struck by it. So read a book because you are Interested in the genre or even because you love the cover lol anything. Just do it for yourself. 

Reviews can help you want a book ,for instance I have heard only good things about Trevor Noah’s  ‘’Born a crime’’ and I can’t wait to read it.
I might read it and not like it (doubt that),let's  say I do a bad review about it and because of my review you decide not to  buy the book again. Does that make sense to you? I hope not.

Reading habits

If you don't like to read, you haven't foud the right book- J.k Rowling
It is not that you naturally hate reading books; you just have not found the right book yet. I employ you to understand your interests and go for it. What excites you? Ask yourself is it romance, memoirs,nonfiction,paranormal,
fashion, etc what are you into? sit down and revaluate. what style of writing can you connect with. 

PS: to find out all these things I am telling you you have to read.

let me give you a tip, when you buy a book read the first chapter and/ or the last , then go somewhere in the middle, then admire the cover, breathe.

If you've done all these things and you still don't like the book feel free to drop it, try another one and if you have done all and no book interests you, come and see my therapist or book a book consultation with me  oshee did you feel my rhyme scheme . I may or may not be joking.

you know you've read a good book when you turn the last page and feel a little as if you have lost a friend-Paul Sweeney

 Realize that it is not about the author, you can dislike a book from your favourite author and you can totally love a book by your worst author. Am I flowing? 

For the longest time, I was told and I believed Wole Soyinka’s books were incomprehensible, I didn’t bother reading his works till I came across ‘’Telephone conversation’’ and I loved it.

My friend did not like Chinua Achebe’s books so I assumed I won’t like it too, but look at me now, I have read Things fall apart thrice and I will still read It again because it holds so much cultural power.

There was a country

 I am not a fan of science fiction and that is Nnedi Okorafor’s specialty.
 I liked her as person not as an author till
A friend made me read ‘’Who fears death’’ not done yet but It I like It midway plus I read her short story ‘The palm wine bandit’ It is a very liberating piece.

All I am Saying  is find what you love and connect with it , you will be a book beast in no time okay and it doesn’t matter if you are a slow or fast reader, Just read at your pace, even If it takes you two days to read one chapter relax we die here , nobody is chasing you.

If you don't like someones story, write your own- Chinua Achebe

Choose a reading medium or pattern suitable for you
If it’s paper back ngwanu! , If it’s E-book swipe away, if its audio book listen till your ear drums beg for emancipation, don’t go and be deaf o and say I sent you.

Reading habits

Let me suggest various websites and apps that will help you with reading and help you find what you love to read

  Okada Books: This is for my E-book people, you buy all sorts of books here while you have access to a ton of free books too,  you can sign up Here

Any Books: you find amazing E-books there for free, like when I found out I ran there with the speed of light, you can sign up Here

.Scribd: This is perfect for Audio books, like you can legit listen to the books as someone reads them to you, sometimes it is the author that reads the book, now is that cool or what! you read free for 30 days oh bliss, sign up here  

 BambIbooks.io: My E-book lovers on this app for 500 naira per month you can access a wealth of books, is it not a wonderful something? check it out here .

Check out something bookish, Roving heights, bookpeddlerng or any book shop around you for paper backs. There are a dozen other places; these are just a few of them, Google is your friend not police so research, you just might find your treasure.

Reading habits
BTS for this photoshoot, This was my mood all through. Xo xo
There is nothing more luxurious than eating while you read-unless it be reading while you eat - E. Nesbit

 If you read till the end you are awesome and you are such a good reader. Was this helpful? Did I make helpful sense? Did I convince you  to read more? Let’s talk in the comment section, let me here your suggestions/ issues with Reading. I know this post is a little all over the place, I just hope you got the message, Still trying to master this blogging thing lol, I Love you! 


  1. Creative & captivating!
    Big ups babes��������

  2. I have read ALL your posts and this is my favorite. Many others struck out but this one beat the margin by 0.5%. i can relate to this post most out of all of others (except the one you had a period of crushing on bankerrs and sales boys...lmaoooooooo. i hope you have repented).
    I started loving books since i was 7 - i started with nani boi and literally read all his novels. ("why me" was and is still my favorite of all nani boi books).
    when i got to senior secondary school, i fell out of reading. chinecherem , My very good friend motivated me to read again. before i got back on track. i felt so guilty for subsiding a part of me. Ater secondary school, i drifted again. Instagram was now all i spent my time on. petty activities too. When i got back on track with reading, i discovered....i never drifted per se. i just reduced the amount of time i decicated to reading. i discovered also that all the times i " came back on track" i was outdoing myself. i wasnt /am a bookworm, i was / am a booklover and i tried to be like my folks who loved reading more than anything in the world, who were obsessed with books. who spent long hours reading and not getting tired. that was not me. i am not obsessed with reading, i just loved to read from time to time and that was okay. i found out this about myself after sec.sch because there was time to listen to myself unlike sec.school were im pretty sure i swam in novels because i was bored, not cause i really wanted to. when i was much younger, i was a bookworm but i have evolved and it is okay to do so. reading, loving books will always be a part of me but it is not exactly a huge part of me like i thought it was. i just love it, as a hobby, as an art.
    PS : roseline, you were one of those persons who made me feel like i wasnt reading enough..lol

    Also, some people just dont like to read, no matter what book. infact it is safe to say they hate it. my brother for instance. he disliked literature back in school and no matter how short the book might be, he just didnt enjoy reading no matter how much he tried and it is okay. not being able to love reading like some people do is completly normal

    ; i cant bring myself to enjoy soft copies. okada books, e-books, are not my thing and may never. *hard copy lady!!!

  3. No pressure at all..take your time even if it's one page a day. I feel pressured when i see people who read more than me and it can a good thing if it serves as a motivational tool not as a judgmental tool or yardstick for anything.i am glad you love reading the way you love reading. And your brother may not have found the kinds of books he loves.in secondary school to be honest. Most of the were not all that.tell him start reading books the genre with the types of movies games he loves playing, it could help.And me too i prefer paper back ebooks but i read EBooks till i have money to buy the paper back eg Trevor noahs born a crime.i have it on EBook and paper back.Thank you for commenting..love you.


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