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                    WELCOME TO MGBODICHI'S AREA

Roseline mgbodichinma Anya Okorie
Mgbodichi (MM-GBO-DI-CHY-N-MA) I hope you don't twist your tongue while your at it

I am very happy you found your way to my creative space. Hey, I love you for stopping by.
*Teenager *Law student *Nigerian *Igbo *Christian *Writer * Night time imagination freak *Natural hair enthusiast *Make up artist ( just because)

I love writing , art and literature , These are mediums I use to express myself freely. I am mostly a very outspoken person, you won't catch me keeping my opinion to myself  however I like to drink water and mind  my business. I hope to inspire people to be better versions of themselves and embrace their flaws because it is only part of being human. I believe beauty comes in different shapes and sizes one size does not fit all , beauty is not a clothing line. ps: I am a tailor/ designer in training

I love love and I love to be loved ,I am a proud bread addict, I love milk and cookies. I am very much interested in rights , opportunities and various ways women can gain and maintain societal relevance Amen!
I don't really like labels like don't put me in a certain category. You see las las we will all be alright!

I love and write poetry , when I read beautiful words it lifts my spirit
 I hope I become a better creative and that the creativity inspires you , overwhelms you,give a sense of understanding and Importance , give you peace and raise conversations.
I have learnt to love and accept myself, to let go and led God, to give more and delve deeper into Gods purpose for me. I also know that i should stress myself over things i cannot control and I hope you learn that too.

So, This is my online space called it my corner call it my area to share my thoughts,gist, poetry, fiction and everything art. It is an extension of what goes on Inside me. you are welcome here and I hope and pray you stay too, don't leave me my love!