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Roseline mgbodichinma Anya Okorie
Mgbodichi (MM-GBO-DI-CHY-N-MA) I hope you don't twist your tongue while you are at it

I love writing, that's how I know to unearth myself, I exist fully when I write. I am mostly a very outspoken person, you won't catch me keeping my opinion to myself, however I occasionally like to drink water and mind my business. I love to hear different sides to a story & make conversation.

Inspiring people to be better versions of themselves and embrace their flaws is part of my purpose. I am your go-to girl for support or venting. I love it when people feel safe.

I love love and I love to be loved. So I hope you love me as much as I love you. I am very much interested in rights, opportunities and various ways women can gain and maintain relevance in society. I can't stand misogyny, I unapologetically call people out on their Bs. 

I believe beauty comes in different shapes and sizes, one size does not fit all, and it's okay. I love fashion and I went to a tailoring school during the Ebola period. However, I don't know if I can use a sewing machine now. I just want to have money to buy & wear nice pieces and model for an inclusive fashion brand or clothing line.

I love makeup too, I am a trained MUA actually so as soon as you send me a box full of makeup products we will paint faces red!

I want to travel the world and explore  language and lifestyle. I want to be deeply immersed in diverse cultures and stories.

I love and write poetry, beautiful words lift my spirit. I hope I become a better creative and that my creativity inspires you, welcomes you, entertains you, gives you a sense of place, Importance, peace and enables you to raise relevant conversations.

This is my little corner on the internet to share my thoughts, rants, poetry, fiction and everything art. It is an extension of what goes on inside me. you are welcome here and I hope and pray you stay too, don't leave me. 

Thank you for taking the time out to reach out to me and for visiting my blog

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