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Tuesday 21 July 2020


I am haunted by the cries of the dead
And the struggles of the living, 


I am scared of home, 
The one place i find serene,
Away from the temper of the scorching sun, 
The stench emitted from the heart of men,
And every other rotten breaks 
Evolved from the surface of genesis. 

The soles of my feet are never perceived
By the soil of blood and water
Unless my shanty runs out of supplies. 

My simplicity entices the eyes of the mysterious,
And my life, a pandora's box. 

I am haunted by the cries of the dead
And the struggles of the living, 
Their voices have now become
An entertainment to my ears. 

My stare says i love you,
Her smile says i love you too.
Words weren't said


The sky almost white.
Traces of blue.
A sunny day.
We sit side by side
Like Simba and kopa
Watching the sunset.

My lungs fill with O2
Mixed with cologne
And a glass of fine wine.

The atmosphere blends so fine
I could feel my legs swing
To a rhythmical pattern.
Her legs swing too.
The view from up here spells poetic.
Men, women and children play in the water,
Running to shore each time the sea gets too excited.
Flocks of birds take off from trees,
Racing against each other like a medal awaits the first runner.
My stare says i love you,
Her smile says i love you too.
Words weren't said.

Poetry on lonliness

I am like an adopted puppy secluded from the love of the mother and roof of the father.


I am without mother and father,
The last of my kind.
The circle of love that surrounds me dwindles away along with the dance of the wind.
My world slumps like an angel stripped of its wings into a space filled with solitude,
Gently choking in it like a wrecked ship,
Slowly losing the sight of light, consumed by the fog of darkness. 
I am like an adopted puppy secluded from the love of the mother and roof of the father.
I hear the echo of what sounds like the voice of my mother. 
My name radiating from all corners of the earth, round and round.
Take me by the hand, your father is waiting for you; the voice said.
I am like a sadly terrified puppy lost in the middle of the woods, 
Dying to run back into the warm arms of the mother. 


Young poets

How did this poem make you feel?
What was your favorite Poem from the collection and why?
You can connect with the Poet on
Instagram @the.chokolate.guy

Monday 15 June 2020


Love birds

Is this really poetry?
Or just an attempt to make lines rhyme?
         I'm just trying to share my story freely
Tell a tale of an experience that was mine.

It's not about feminism or racism 
Or any other important topic of discussion
But about the pangs of heartbreak,
It's spasms 
 the joy of a heart free from tension.

            We were close in Senior High 
The real thing, nothing highly sensual 
We talked and laughed
                     such chemistry I can't deny 
Because even now I know it was mutual.

One thing led to another 
I called it quits 
                  torn between decisions 
I explained it had nothing to do with her 
                              My inner conflicts were the cause of that condition.

Years later we got back in touch 
Getting close again  
                       I felt a lingering guilt 
My love had more substance.

Call me old-fashioned or conservative 
I never had a thing for social media 
Felt it was mentally and socially degenerative 
                                       But for her
I got on Facebook with my little Nokia.

Love continued, like a sweet fairy tale 
Our chats - a bit one-sided 
 I didn't really care.
"I don't chat much on Facebook, it's going stale"
             Was her beauty blinding or was I just overlooking my fears?

'I'm in the area, are you around?'
"I'm not feeling well, maybe next time"
no problem, I could tell from your voice"
                 No need to ask which line was mine. 

I was expecting an Android 
 I didn't tell her.
Me, anti-social media guy of yesterday.
Getting on WhatsApp felt cool ice cream 
Smearing a burning desire
                  This chase had changed me.

  I got my phone          Oh God!                   
                      such happiness 
Do I really need to charge it before use?
Impatience was a balm for past
 pain & disappointment.
           Deafened by joy and laughter 
        I couldn't hear the truth.   

Three nights before
   We had a long call 
Romantic, reaffirming and love-sure 
Is sitting on the fence always this sweet before the fall? 

New to WhatsApp
She was first to receive my text 
'Hello or whatever you say when you're new' 
My naivety on the platform 
wasn't covered by any pretext
   "Sorry I can't do this" 

Shaking hands        deleted my                             &
 Opened a new one 
                 Rattled, I apologized for going blank
Asked if she was serious
Because she could tell a mean joke.

A couple of heartrending chats later 
  Then an 'I owe you no explanation' that wasn't shy 
My WhatsApp experience was traumatized and shattered.

Six months I bled 
     Even prayed to not develop hate 
At least I'm proud no one knew or heard 
          My painful ordeal or its wearing weight.

Was it payback?     Was it karma?
I was not the best, clear fact 
But I knew I deserved better.

  I grew and healed 
My heart was never bone
                but it had really fractured 
But I had changed 
Never again would I be insulted 'immature'.

Long boring story short 
     Women are not scum, neither are men 
Though we might have got hurt 
We grow and we learn

 My hurt is fading 
the pain almost is gone 
I am pretty much one of the coolest guys that'll come your way 
If you ask if I've forgiven and moved on 
    I don't know till meet her again
So is this really poetry?
Or just an attempt to make lines rhyme?
Well, I'm just trying to share my story freely and honestly 
To tell a tale of an experience
                       that was once mine.
This poem was written by Bob. If you have had a similar experience, please share in the comments. Bob will be there to chat with you.
Bio- I'm a blogger and a mobile photographer. I want to share my art, views and perspectives with the world and interact with as many other wonderful ones as well. I'm also interested in traveling, anime and food of all kinds and cultures. I'm genuinely interested in people, healthy relations and self-improvement. You are sure to expect a wonderful and different experience with me. Visit for my content My IG handle - bobgeoffrey2 Cheers guys

Love birds

Wednesday 27 May 2020

HOW I READ 14 BOOKS IN 2 WEEKS - Emmanuella uguru

It's pretty simple. I'm a lazy bag of plantain chips.

Procrastination, they say, is the key to 
 "Who says?", you might ask.
Well, that is just a quote that came to me one day in secondary school and it was the yardstick with which I was able to sit for my senior certificate exams without going crazy.
 You can borrow it, it's not copyrighted.

It was with that beautiful quote in mind that as against 2000 pages of study material, two essays with deadlines approaching, and the bare minimum of combing my hair, I read 14 Novels instead. In two weeks.

Here is a quick rundown of the amazing works I read

  • Fangirl (780 pages) -  Rainbow Rowell 
  • Anna and the French kiss (638 pages)
  • Lola and the boy next door (571 pages)
  • Isla and the happily ever after (568 pages)- A trilogy in that order, by Stephanie Perkins(can all be read as stand-alone) 
  • Eliza and her monsters (557 pages) - Francesca Zappia
  • Watermelon (987 pages )by  Marian Keyes 
  • The Seventh most important thing(413 p) - Shelley Pearsall 
  • I'll give you the sun(782 p) -Jandy Nelson
  • Turtles all the way down (477 pages)
  •  and MY ALL TIME FAVORITE  "Paper Towns" (609 p) - Both by John Green
  • Also four books from R.L Stine's Fear Street Series (200-300 pages each)

If you've read at least three of these, then you must know by now that I'm a sucker for Young Adult! Because 13 out of all 14 are in that category. Not a lot of people know that Young Adult is a genre, and even I myself always thought of it as less than. But oh how wrong I was! Because I decided to give it a shot and it's one of the best shots I ever gave.

My fellow readthren (not a real word hope it's self-explanatory) of the youthful ages (especially about 18-39 yrs), you know how difficult it usually is to say what your favourite genre is, so you say Romance, Adventure, Comedy , Tragedy , Mystery , Thriller, Sci-fi ,Fantasy and Self-Help. Then the asker is looking at you like "indecisive much?".

Or you go "I like a book that has romance, but not like smut. With a dash of humor, a spritz of adventure, sprinkles of suspense here and there but not like shit-my-trousers scary, a bit educational, you know something that'll make me laugh and cry and omg at the same time. Oh, and it would be just magical if the characters are around my age".

My brother/sister the word you are looking for is "young adult" and hopefully, the person you are torturing with all these words hasn't zoned out or worse, abandoned you.

I digress.

If you clicked the link that brought you here, you're probably wondering how I was able to inhale 7000+pages in fourteen days.

I didn't make a timetable, I didn't lock myself in a four by four closet for two weeks, I didn't pray to God for assistance, I wasn't even glued to my phone 24/7( if you have evidence that proves I was indeed, then it was probably Instagram).
In fact, if I did any of these we might be talking 50 books, not a meager 14.

It's pretty simple. I'm a lazy bag of plantain chips. While others may neglect their responsibilities to watch YouTube or Netflix, chat online, play football, or eat everything in their line of sight (hey I'm not judging, I know you're a growing child (pats back); I read books. I get so engrossed that a civil war could be going on over my head I wouldn't know until I got shot. In the eye. Or something.

 Simply put, for the past two weeks (oR tHrEe MoNtHs) I've done little to no school work, learned zero skills (besides how to put peanut butter on everything and make it work), none of that soul searching and self-evaluation and development that everyone and their grandpa has ventured into in these trying times. In fact, nothing that will better my life and bring me dwollaz(in Jackie Aina's voice).

If you are like me, then surely it won't be too hard to read 14 books in 14 days with all this free time on our hands. 
So if you rushed here expecting something more motivational,  "14 P's to proper preparation " or "150 Z's to keep you zen ", then accept my sincerest apologies for giving you nothing of the sort. If you're still craving such, simply type "Ken Katas" on your search engine.

To be very honest and not to brag, fourteen books doesn't feel like a lot. I just never really kept track until now.
I mean I did read the entire Harry Potter collection in about ten days. But I'm not here to make your twenty-pages-a-day struggle seem insignificant. That's not what this is about.

Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk, it felt great to bore you guys for so long. Really guys, thanks for having me.

Tell me are you are fast reader, a slow reader or you just don't read at all?
What is your favorite genre? I'd be very chatty in the comments. Leggo.

For more reading tips Click here

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