A portrait of a dark-skinned girl


I  don't know what they mean
When they say 
We are like clay in the hands of the potter 
This skin on our bones 
Is not a thing muddy hands can create 
We are made from diamond pieces
Our teeth, silver coated 
Our eyebrows like lashes made of natural  silk 
We are the product of divinities finest blacksmith 

If we are dust 
Then it must be gold dust 
We carry the ancient ancestry of roots and culture on our skin 
An age-long continuity of fore glory 
We glow our way out of stereotypes 
We are the true type 
Something too heavy for libraries to document
We are more than research papers.
Our stories are solid on rocks 
A treasure for mines 
We are too heavy a heritage 
For any  continent to define 

Call us brown 
Call us back 
We are the flavor of the earth 
The reason the sun is too afraid to burn 
Call it melanin if you will
This skin is not a thing mortals can comprehend 
We can't explain to them 
That black is not a color 
It's a badge of honor 

So if they want to understand the races this
Skin has won 
The single stories it had turned to diversity 
Then they must
Ask the gatekeeper of mother nature 
we are not clay in the potter's hands
We are a product of divinities finest blacksmith.

Beautiful dark-skinned woman


When they ask you to bleach your skin 
Ask them how long they will soak a hand full of sand into a bucket of detergent 
Before they realize it was not Picasso that gave it colour 

Ask them how long they will peel their tone 
Before they understand that purity is not a virtue that is visible on skin surfaces 
Tell them that if they wanted to challenge 
Their bones to a whitenicious contest
They should simply donate themselves to a primary school science laboratory 

Tell them that your skin is vintage 
A dark-toned sepia 
That this outward covering 
Is more than skin 
It is the identity of foremothers before you and after 
The color of earth and soil for growing 

Tell them this is the color of progress 
What English vocabulary means by thick skin 
The only kind of coco that does not taint tongues 
The type  worthy of syllables of praise 
Embrace this blackness 
It is the only type that is not 
A metaphor for actual darkness 
It is light for a path of identity to thrive
So when they ask you 
Just tell them 
Tell them.

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  1. "Black is not a colour, it's a badge of honour"

    Beautiful Roseline...
    Just beautiful ❤

    Thank you for the shout out...
    I really appreciate❤❤❤

  2. I think I have run out of comments...the beauty of your works can't be defined by ink

  3. To be very honest I don't give a lot of thought to my skin color. I don't usually take much notice of it. But this made me feel strangely good😊


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