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When you can create beauty and magic by sketching, painting or drawing diverse shapes on blank paper with just a common pencil, it is no longer talent, it is innovation. Otu Eunice is a pencil sketch, visual and digital artist that has successfully painted the narrative that everything you need to grow and develop your talent or skill is innate and not far fetched. 

It is amazing how she draws and paints amazing pieces with only a few tools, a perfect depiction of less is more. While she looks forward to having the resources to get all her art tools, she has chosen to utilise what is available and create content for the art community. 

Eunice has been able to triumph over naysayers who try to undervalue her work because she is female or in college. She is steadily pushing the narrative that you can be good in school and still follow your dreams as she is a very brilliant English and literary student in Nigeria. She loves to read, watch anime and gosh about Shawn Mendes.  She is generally a joyous, fun and easy-going person. 

Digital and visual artist in Nigeria

Her ability to perfectly depict any picture given to her can be attributed to her very emotional trait, because of this, she connects with people and knows how to capture their joys, fears, facial expressions, curves, lines and body languages seamlessly.

I am a sucker for women taking up space and showcasing their talent so watching Eunice grow has been nothing short of surreal.

What I have done is, take Eunice's art and give my own interpretation of it. More like describing what I see and how it made me feel. 

Let's explore, This should be fun

Bone art

I named this art "feelings" because we live in a world that doesn't actually associate masculinity to vulnerability. The flower resting on the cape of his neck and the rainbows just added some kind of softness to his bony frame, I love to see it. 

Her unfinished work is an even deeper kind of art! 

I will print this and hang it on my wall!

Pencil sketch artist
See! The unfinished work has me spellbound

I just saw this and I thought "power" an African woman's ability to hold her own is a concept generations of people from other continents will need centuries to fully grasp. It is the daring eyes, the sharp wing liner, the bare chest and the fitting firmness of the headwrap, that did it for me.  

This piece screams confidence & beauty in culture

Female artist
Read this post to find out why I named this Artwork "choices" Brethren a queen is a queen wi or without full hair, plus look at the facial expression, it's screams " I did it and I am going to live with it and thrive, deal with it."

Low cut art

Bald black women

This version of the sketch is my fav. look at the freedom. Beauty is not one size fits all, its diverse. It is good to have hair but it doesn't define you, That's the vibe I got from this piece.

Kdrama art

I honestly don't know why I named this "halo" I just know I admired the piece for a while until he started to look like a greek god. Starring at it again, I am thinking Kpop, I feel as though he was taken right from a Korean series.

Kpop series

See eh, if you like him just print him or blow powder because this hotness. 

Draw braids

Can we just take a moment to admire the accuracy, neatness and precision of the braids? I can literally feel the weaving by touching my screen. 

Our roots and braids

This artwork is very modern yet it portrays identity. Braids are originally African and it's amazing how it has gained worldwide recognition. Everybody wears braids these days. I love it.  The whole painting, for some reason, gave me some kind of afro-futurism feel.

Comic art of a wolve

I think there is a kind of fierce tenderness In this photo. I see protection and an understanding of something inarticulate. It's like there is this whole world ahead and she is strong enough to conquer it. A darling but daring soul. 

Digital art
The digital art adaptation of this piece is just amazing, looks like a comic book or anime cover

Art spotlight

It's very simple, this art is magic, there are roses on her head and my name is Roseline,   So I have a soft spot for it lol.  This drawing is so dreamy, from her eyes to the bridge of her nose to her curly hair and her collar bones. 

Pencil sketch art
This piece already makes me want to write poetry 

I love the precision in the drawing and the fact that Eunice used her amazing shading skills to highlight the facial features, crisp! The roses took the drawing to a different level of beauty for me. 

African woman

I am getting Aladin vibes from this artwork, she looks like a genie. If I am to imagine one of my ancestors in her prime, it will be like this, looking like royalty with moody eyes, and a resting "we are the pacesetters" clueless face. (I am laughing at what I am typing but okay)  anyway, guys look at the Ankara on her head, do we all ageee Eunice is talented? Like the details!!!

Okay, this is the End. To see more of her art. Visit her Instagram Page and be blown away!! She is open for bookings too and it's affordable, hit her up to draw you and your family members! 


  1. My God!... It's not my first time seeing this or any other art, but maaann... I was blowwwn

    Eunice, your art is mesmerizing, like it messes with my head. I can never get tired of seeing them.

    And the captions are so on point. I never had a way of putting how I felt about art into words, thank you for helping me do that and more

    Lemme rest and soak in this meal cos I sure ate

  2. Ah talent everywhere. From the artists heart to your pen,the feelings flow in perfect sync. I love everything

  3. The blog post I didn't know I craved. Eunice's art is my favorite in the entire world. Watching her grow so much as an artist and a person is delightful to say the least. Her works always leave me feeling very empowered and I didn't even have words to describe the feelings until now. Thank you mgbo for putting all our feelings into words. It can only be forward and upwards for Eunice henceforth. I see and feel great things in her near future. The world needs to know about her. Otu's art is the real deal!

  4. Rosy I don't know how you do this but how you are able to describe these beautiful works in such apt and corresponding manner is so WOAW! (It blows my mind) I couldn't help but continue reading. If my designs are described like this, I think I will be in the top 10 graphic designers (haha.. don't mind me, am just kidding) Eunice Otu, you are bunch of gift to mother Earth. Thank you for letting us eat of this sumptuous meal. God bless you Powerful ladies - Rosey & Eunice


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