Rape should stop


   I deliberately chose not to do any further research or read any article on rape before putting up this post because I want to speak only my mind.
I have also made it a point of duty to spare you the dictionary meaning of rape, I will give you my own meaning of rape.
 I will tell you what I have called it.
'Rape is a wicked/malicious act of stealing integrity, Identity, pride, etc it is the forceful engagement and ownership of a body that is not your's'. 
OK, I promised myself to make this simple.

 Rape is basically having sexual intercourse with someone without full consent yes full consent. I say this because common sense should tell anyone that mixed signals or reluctance is a red flag. If she is saying yes and no at the same time bro zip up and bounce.

I am particularly basing on the female folk because truth be told they are the main victims of this evil called rape.  I had a conversation with a friend and he said
 '' men are raped too don't make noise as if its only women that suffer it.''
I wanted to be upset because it's annoying how it's only when we talk about rights for women that some men remember they have been mistreated. If it is so rampant then talk about it, don't use it as a defense mechanism or a yardstick to measure hurt when women speak up about their experiences.

I hear that this rape thing can be common among homosexuals you know when the small boy says he is not doing again with the big man forces him. Or even older Aunts forcing young boys to do nasty things. I totally get that but today, I will focus on the narrative on the female folk.

 Rape is bad and there is no justification for it. Even if anybody chooses to walk around naked it is not an excuse to be an uncultured swine.  I mean! nobody should suffer for anybody's lack of self-control period.

I hear some people give sickening illustrations like if a bank leaves the save open and someone comes to steal their money whose fault is it. Well, let me answer this, first of , the person is a thief ole! and should be punished. c'est fini.
It is not your own in the first place so why take it without permission. Secondly, when are we going to stop comparing women to buildings and inanimate objects for crying out loud the woman/girl is not CBN or Access bank lets have sense please, and before you give the example of 'Rape is already a problem why put more fire to it by dressing indecently or going to odd places' excuse you!

we are meant to be concerned about how to stop the Rape and rapists not how to stop ourselves from getting raped by the rapists stay woke! I abhor indecent dressing but common, we are too intelligent to justify rape by that now, far be it from me and you.

rape victims

Never Blame Rape victims

1. Never blame a rape victim no matter the circumstance surrounding the rape.
you have no idea the psychological trauma, sexual assault brings.
2. Don't ask where she was or try to justify the rape done.  Show care and empathy.

married women are rape victims too


Even If you are married, dating or having sexual intercourse with a person for many years and you have sex against your will It is  Rape. The day you say I don't want and your partner forces you, listen to me you have just been raped period. Seek help.
The amount of time you've had sex before is immaterial,  don't let anybody convince you otherwise.

Rape victim 

I want us to be more reasonable and aware when it comes to rape. Let's be more accommodating and empathetic towards this issue and stop making excuses for rapists. Some people think it's fair when a woman is raped if she dresses indecently or is seen at odd places, but the length of a woman's skirt should never increase the size of your manhood. Girls in Hijabs have been raped. Children in diapers have been molested. let's be sensible please and I do agree that men go through rape too, even by women. So I can only hope and pray for a better society. It's not about the, it's just that the rapist is a dimwit.

  The cause of rape is not darkness or alcohol or indecent dressing or whatever. The sole and only cause of rape is the RAPISTS. It is what it is and please stop saying what if she was your sister or daughter or mother. It makes it look like the victim must be related to you in order not to be raped or given Justice, she doesn't need to be your sister all she needs to be is a human being.

  please leave me a comment I'll love to read. Cheers!

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  1. It's obvious a lot of emotion went into this post.
    I feel your feelings sister.
    Rape cannot be justified in any way whatsoever.

    It is a crime. PERIOD

    I just wish there was a permanent solution to this vice. It's easy to apprehend strangers, but what do we do when our big brothers, sisters, uncles, dads, aunts, and cousins are the problem?

    It's really sad...


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