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I write a lot of poetry because poetry is my first love when it comes to writing. I just realized I don't post it here as much.
Disclaimer: My imagination runs wild , sometimes it is calm and collected other times it attempts the impossible and most times, it's just simple and searching.

My inspiration comes at odd times too because I type this in the middle  of a Criminal law class. I am risking my phone being seized so  please Give  me feedback after reading.


That the heart can be broken
This same heart that pumps blood
Through a pipeline of veins
What is capable of leaving this
Powerhouse broken?

That a man can be snatched by a woman
This Four limbed breathing mammal
 The supposed stronger vessel
How can he be collected like a common purse?

That we are really humans
We with skin the colour of Earth and sand
We with bones as hard as rocks
We With with hair like leaves and grasses
We with limbs like the roots of an Iroko
We with blood flowing like water!
Who do we think we are?

That we have a limit to what we can do
How can this be?
When our creator was uncreated
With the audacity to walk on water
And the guts to look death  in the eye
And call it's bluff!
What can even dare to stop us?

That we can not exist in multiple places
 Is this true?
When our imagination take trips to the
 Past, present and future at will
 When our memories  can travel to depths
And time flies to ensure we don't dwell too deep
 Who then says we are not omnipotent?

What do you think of this poem? Drop a line or two regarding anything you find absurd or ridiculous. This should be fun.


  1. Sometimes I actually forget your talent then suddenly you remind me with a punch!!! I really love the third paragraph and can't get over the fourth. It's beautiful...

  2. I find it both absurd and ridiculous when ppl say that women are the weaker vessel. How can ppl dispute obvious facts?

    1. Dare them to carry a breathing thing for 9 months and bleed every month. If they survive we will then have this conversation .

  3. "That we have a limit to what we can do
    How can this be?
    When our creator was uncreated
    With the audacity to walk on water
    And the guts to look death in the eye
    And call it's bluff!"

    With the audacity to walk on water. Damnnnn, thats sooo strong and deep!
    I love it!
    Trust me i'm not a poem person but i really like this piece. Its very strong, it points out who our maker is, what he is and what he is capable of. I liked how this was introduced at first (explaining who the father/creator) is then moving over to the children (us) as a way to display our strengths and other things we have in us that we might not even be aware about. There's no limit to what we can do, the message was recieved and that's a beautiful message.
    Love this!
    You got this mami!.

    1. Thank you for reading. I send you the link personally because I enjoy your comments makes me see things i didn't even see while writing

  4. I am so loving paragraph 2.
    Let me reserve my comments here. We will gist in person.

  5. I loved paragraph 2!i laughed so hard at it. You're so talented. And, love the new interface!! ��


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