I enjoy reading stories of great women in the bible because it inspires me and makes me realize that Jesus Himself wants every woman to succeed. The marginalization of women is never God's plan.

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 I love the leadership of Deborah, the courage and determination in Esther, the discerning spirit of Abigail, the prayer power of Hannah, the openness of Martha to receive counsel and the virtue of Mary among others. But you see Eve I don’t like her.
"She saw that the tree was beautiful and its fruit looked delicious, and she wanted the wisdom it would give her. So she took some of the fruit and ate it" (Genesis 3:6).
I spent time trying to understand why somebody chose an Apple over God's instruction like it wasn’t even chocolate, Ice cream or pineapple. It was Apple! Apple that is not even that sweet. Did she not find it suspicious that a serpent came to talk to her about a tree?

Her disobedience is believed to have been the cause of the pain women have to go through today. The labor pains, the cramps, the desire and competition over men, etc.

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I have always imagined interviewing Eve, I would ask her questions like,

Did the Apple then taste like cold Ice cream? or were the other fruits in the garden of Eden sour?
What do you think? Because I thought Eve should have known better than to eat the fruit. 

All this is just my anger mixed with self-righteousness, because it's funny how much we blame Eve, (yes me and you) that we easily forget that women like Jezebel and Delilah existed. Jezebel that convinced her husband to kill an innocent man, promoted sexual immorality and purported to kill the prophets of God. Or is it Delilah that Samson loved yet she betrayed him for money.

There were other women who messed up in the bible but all of us want to chew Eve that ate an apple. I mean I get why it’s like that but let me open your eyes a little.

Many of us are like Eve, heck we don’t even have the right to Judge her. Now ask yourself how many times you knew the right thing to do yet you did otherwise. There are times when we knew better but didn’t do better. At this point let she who is without sin be the first to exit this blog post.

We can blame Eve all we want but let us not forget she was the first woman on earth, first to be a wife, first to be a mother and a woman with all the responsibilities that came with it. How many times have you started something for the first time and suddenly became a master at it?

Eve was a woman with many firsts and she handled a lot.  From leaving paradise to knowing one of her sons killed the other. Imagine her pain. We should be showing empathy. Not to justify her sin but think about it.

She don chop am be say she don chop am. she cannot vomit the apple!

Some people have argued that she had God and Adam to guide her so there was no excuse. That's true but some of us have God, our pastors, our parents; friends, etc and we still mess up. Most of us are as easily influenced as  Eve. Instead of blaming Eve we must learn from her mistakes, understand, and even empathize.

Fun fact: Eve was very influential. All she had to do was give the fruit to Adam, biblically Adam was the one who heard from God about this fruit issue so he basically chose his wife's voice over God's voice. ( we will talk about the fight of voices in another blog post).
Abram followed Sarai’s advice instead of trusting God’s timing.  Jacob deceived his own father because of the words of his mother, Rebekah.
King Ahasuerus listened to Esther and the Jews were spared.  Deborah accompanied Barak and a battle was won.
The bottom line is women are the most influential creatures on earth quote me anywhere.

I didn’t like Eve because I could not see past her sin and that's just Toxic. God forgave Eve and I am sure He loved her. It was just important for her to take responsibility for her actions. Eve's experience is enough tutelage for women all over the world.

As a matter of fact, I think Eve was a phenomenal woman. Do you agree?

I see Eve in myself sometimes, and you don’t need to look too much to see her in yourself too. It's the little things like when we see something nice and we lose our home training just to get it. Or the times when we choose our desires over God's voice. It’s a lot to handle.

All I am here to say is don’t be like Eve. But at the same time don’t be a hater. It is very easy to criticize something you didn’t participate in. Just be more constructive with your criticism.

We bash Eve for wanting to be “more like God” when she ate the fruit. I thought God's plan is for us to be like Him! I realized that Eve’s sin was not wanting to be like God but wanting to do so without first trying to seek God and have a relationship with Him. He would have given her wisdom and more, had she followed simple instruction.

I know this post is all over the place but it’s just how it is in my head.

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This is sonia not Eve and she is a darling, you can follow her on Instagram @itsoni_ee

Here are a few lessons to learn from Eve

  • Be thankful and focus on the things you have: you know how Eve left the many trees just to chase that one tree that caused the fall of man, that’s exactly how some of us focus on the things we don’t have that others do e.g. the dream house, the perfect body, etc and this breeds jealousy.
  • Don’t doubt the voice of God if he says don’t do it then don’t do it. As a woman you wield so much power and influence, please don’t use it like Eve.
  • You are not in control: The fundamental problem for Eve was that she wanted to determine what was right and what was wrong, instead of obeying her Creator.
To be continued.


  1. There were other women who messed up in the bible but all of us want to chew Eve that ate an apple"- Roseline 2020.
    Hahahha. I get it but stilll mehnnn, she should have just behaved small! And its even ordinary apple that we are in this type of life. Anyways ok, it has been done, we move. Your right, we shouldn't be casting blame when we ourselves aren't even all perfect. ( Just fyi, till today i don't like apple, its not eve's fault o, it just doesn't taste nice)

    ...if i see eve in heaven eh, ME AND HER WILL HAVE A VERY LONG CONVERSATION ABOUT APPLE (since she likes it soo much) , SINNING (since she wants to be doing bad guy gang) AND HER KIDS ( how she felt with one son killing the other and what she went through.

    1. Thank you for reading and yes me too I still want to talk to her πŸ™‰

  2. Beautiful perspective Roseline.

    Keep up πŸ‘

  3. This piece was well articulated, may God give you the inspiration to write more.
    Keep it up!

  4. This piece was well articulated, may God give you the inspiration to write more.
    Keep it up!

  5. I’ve always loved to look at things from as different perspectives as I can
    think of and this is just a beautiful one. I think something else we should
    also learn is, God gave us will; we can choose and make decisions. So eve
    was the first woman to sin, big whoop, get over it, but don’t go blaming
    her for every wrong thing you do or is happening to you ‘if eve didn’t eat
    the apple we would be in the garden and this wouldn’t be happening to me or
    I wouldn’t do this’. Let’s not kid ourselves anymore, if you make a
    decision be ready to dance to the tune of the music, please don’t go
    blaming a woman you died some millennia back.
    Thank you Roseline for this insightful work of art - this comment is by divine oputa @[email protected]

  6. Being more thankful, open minded and less judgemental is something i've learned over time. Anything, absolutely anything can happen.

    Thanks for this piece

  7. This whole post radiates such cosmic energy, comical energy and didactic energy. In a language we all understand; I loved this!

  8. Wow! Roseline, it's amazing how you took an age-long one-sided story and gave it a new perspective and so much depth.
    I never knew so much meaningful lessons could be drawn from the life of such an unpopular Bible character as Eve.

    Keep going girl. You're amazing!

    1. Thank you..it means so much to me that you took out time to read

  9. Thank you for this wonderful piece Roseline
    More grace and inspiration to write more!

  10. Phenomenal. I will quote you everywhere and be proud of it!

  11. Very captivating blog post sis
    I was completely captivated & kept scrolling not knowing I had reached the end lol.
    This is beautiful!
    Keep soaring baby girl, you'll fly very high!!!

    As for Mom Eve, that singular act of eating that "apple" changed the whole plan. So yes! She's phenomenal...
    Some things are better left unsaid so I rest my case. Bravo young woman of God! Bravo!

  12. I don’t even think eve was to blame. At the time, she only knew good. She didn’t know she was really disobeying God or what the consequences would be. The serpent is the real evil. He tricked eve. It’s impossible to think so but eve really was innocent. She didn’t willingly deliberately go to eat the forbidden fruit 🀷🏻‍♀️🀷🏻‍♀️

    1. I beg to disagree with you, sir/ma. As much as I don't subscribe to blaming Eve for our woes, there is no justification for disobedience, especially disobeying God's instructions.
      The instruction was don't eat of that particular tree. Now, we would want to say God didn't hand the instruction to her (directly) but the serpent knew what it was doing when it asked her "Did God say you should not touch..." If she were 'wise', she would have known God, through her husband, said "don't eat". The serpent wanted her to confirm her knowledge of God's instruction and she did.
      Maybe she wasn't used to being alone and was starved of company at the time (seeing her husband was away) and just needed someone (or something) to talk to but IT IS STILL NOT AN EXCUSE FOR DISOBEDIENCE. And that's a clarion call to every child of God: the devil waits for your weak moment to strike. Remember the Matthew 4 account of Devil tempting Jesus, the Bible said he left Jesus until an opportune time; that means, he left waiting for his next vulnerable moment (the betrayal, judgement and trio trip to Calvary/death) having failed to deceive him (Jesus) at his
      first vulnerable moment (Bible said he was hungry; and who wouldn't be after fasting for 40 days and night). It therefore behoves the Child if God to be vigilant against the evil one at all times but especially at our most vulnerable time. Your vulnerable time could be at moments of betrayal, heartbreak, death of a loved one, anger, injustice, etc. If you fall into temptation at the moment, God would understand (he was man like us) but it doesn't exonerate you or make you innocent.
      I guess what I'm trying to say is I don't blame Eve for man's many woes but she wasn't innocent of it all.
      By the way, it was a great piece @Roseline; more of God's grace

    2. Thank you! This is the nail straight the head..while I sympathize with Eve there was no excuse for disobedience.

  13. I think everyone is given freewill by God and Eve just happened to use hers for herself, just as many of us do today. What if Eve didn't sin, what if d next generation had lived in Eden? I think dat if not Eve another person would have still exercised his or her will over God's own. We all have desires and weaknesses. So Eve's own had to be an apple, Esau's was porridge, yours might be peanut. Whatever it is, if it is not what God expects from u at dat moment it is still disobedience. Eve sinned and caused a change in history but she is not the cause of our problems. Roseline this was an inspiration. More grace!!

    1. Thank you. Yes we must bring our into subjection for God to use us..why did u say peanut😹😹😹


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