Low cut

I have had the big chop three times in total for different reasons.

The first time; I was in primary four and I had long straight hair. I had just written the common entrance examination to get into secondary school and I was so excited. I passed the exam and I was to go to a boarding school where everybody shaved their hair.

I was so elated that I couldn't wait to go to school and tell my classmates that I was leaving them. The Joy of having to skip primary 5( a whole year) was overwhelming. I didn’t even wait for the actual school preparations to begin before I decided to cut my hair.

My mum agreed because according to her since I was born I had never cut my hair.
I was now a baldie ready to go to high school. But guess what people. When It was time to go for the interview and return to school. My parents said I was too young, that they just wanted to test my intelligence.

 Ladies and gentlemen, I didn’t know how to react to the fact that I cut my hair for no reason. I took my low cut to school and I had to handle the numerous questions and occasional stares from classmates and teachers in my school.

Low cut

The second time: In all honesty, I just woke up and cut the hair. I have good hair genes and my hair was perfectly fine. I just sort Of felt It wasn’t long enough and It was relaxed( not that relaxing your hair is bad). I just saw some people on their natural hair and I loved it. I didn’t know that my hair could be that beautiful growing out on its own. I wanted to try it.

The third time: it is safe to say here that I was nearly flogged for cutting my hair. My natural hair was 2 years old.

Natural hair
I can't believe I shaved off this bulb of joy

It was soft, afro, long, talk about hair goals. There was not a day I wore the fro out that someone did not comment on it. I didn’t use any product asides shea butter, but it was hard for people to believe. Some months before I cut it. I went to loosen my faux locs and the hairstylist cut my hair so much so that It became unequal. I cried. I am not good at showing  Emotions but man! E pain me.  

But because I serve a living God it literally took about 2-3 months for it to grow back and sort of equalize.
My Hair was amazing again and I didn't use any product.
I couldn’t even believe the growth but I still went ahead and cut it. That morning I washed my hair measured the length, then I  went to the barber's shop with my brother to cut it.

Months before that I had been talking frequently about shaving my hair and my people thought it was mere banter. The barber asked me If I was cutting all that hair because I didn’t have money to make it(lol). Another said I’d be ugly If I cut it(  but guess who is a baby girl and slaying the cut)


Some girls at the shop were ready to take the strands of my hair and attach it to their own If they could.
 It just made me realize how much value people attach to hair.
My friends found out I cut my hair, see some of their hilarious responses.
 I'd share the ones I can find.

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Now on a serious note, how much does your hair mean to you? do you think it defines you? Do you think your hair Is the reason for your beauty?
Do you think hair Is just hair?
I never gave deep thought to hair, growing or cutting It has always been an Impulsive decision for me. It depends on my feeling or mood,  no due deliberation needed at all. I just do it.
 I honestly believe that I am beautiful regardless and my beauty doesn’t lie under hair or suffice when I have hair.
My opinion about hair is varied though.


First, I believe hair is just hair so you can decide to cut it or leave it. It does not make you less of a girl or boy. I also understand that hair can be very deep for some people. Hair symbolizes so much to many. It can be a way to express our creativity and culture

E.g.  I have heard that some women have been called unkempt for not having straight hair, their natural hair was described as nappy and unsuitable for the workplace. So women were forced to put chemicals on their hair just to meet up to a certain standard.  

In some cultures, a woman must always have hair and when she cuts it, it is a sign of despair, mourning or a sign that she has been ostracised.  So when I say hair is just hair, what I really mean is that you are so fearfully, wonderfully and beautifully made for something as replaceable as hair to define you.

It's just hair and it can grow back. Whether you texturize, relax or leave your hair in its natural form, It’s okay. Just make sure you are doing it for the right motive.

Don’t relax your hair because of societal pressure or influence from the western world. Don’t be team natural because it’s becoming a trend and hashtag. Do your hair how you want to do your hair because you like it and you feel good with it. I personally love my hair natural and may never relax it because I think I look cuter in my afro.

I know people who might never carry natural hair because to them it’s difficult to maintain. Let’s be honest natural hair sometimes is not the easiest to maintain especially If you have strong hair. So just do you!

Here is a fact about hair that blew my mind!  
Did you know that some hairstyles we're essential for the survival of black people? Our ancestors placed rice seeds and gold between two sections of hair. They did that so that if they are captured and forced across the voyage on the Atlantic they will at least have a small amount of food. 
 Please tell me in the comments. how much does hair mean to you? Would you ever consider cutting your hair? How do you like your hair natural or permed? You can tell me any other thing you know about hair and what symbolizes.  I will love to read from you. 


  1. I have also been announcing that I would soon shave my hair. First, it was something about, I wanted to take off the hair, dye it grey and get a few more piercings but right now I still want to cut the hair but for a whole different reason. I am at a very significant point in my life and cutting the hair might as well serve as a reminder of so many promises I have made to God and myself. So right now, hair isn't just hair, hair is my covenant sign.

    Thank you for this piece. You are simply the best.πŸ’“

  2. Wow first, this is so awesome
    Well I love my hair, and sometimes it helps to remind me that I'm a beautiful black woman whether with braids or on low cut. My hair makes me know that I'm in control of it and that nobody can tell me what to do with it buh me and at my own time as well. So I'm happy for you and your new look and this iWow first, this is so awesome
    Well I love my hair, and sometimes it helps to remind me that I'm a beautiful black woman whether with braids or on low cut. My hair makes me know that I'm in control of it and that nobody can tell me what to do with it buh me and at my own time as well. So I'm happy for you and your new look and this inspiring experience of yours. More wins roseynspiring experience of yours. More wins rosey

    1. Thank you for sharing in my Joy and yes you are in control so remain in control

  3. Well, I love my hair. I had hair people used to envy until one day I woke up and hair is uneven. I felt like crying. I wanted to cut it but I changed my mind. I was so happy seeing an increase in length this January.
    Hair doesn't define me,but I love long hair.

    1. Yes i love your point of view and i am happy your hair grew back. Hair matters to you and it's totally okay.was there any reason it became uneven though

  4. This isn't fair ��, bruh, your hair is literally gorgeous. I don't think anyone understands the type of hair i have. Anything that has to do with hair, just exclude me cos im not bothered and don't want to know.
    Here's why im like this, ever since i was young, EVERY AUNTY THAT I HAVE GONE TO HAS COMPLAINED ABOUT MY HAIR and since then i just lost interest.
    Your soo lucky mehn. Cutting your hair or being with a full head of hair your still gorgeous.
    Mwuahh ��

    I realised that within the black community in the state (u.s), there is more history, knowledge and protection over natural hair, be it 4b 4a etc. The black community is very vocal of what hair styles like cornrow symbolizes, there is a certain strength, bravery and beauty that comes with the african hair and hairstyles and what our people have gone through. We are at a weird place where alot of us are understanding and embracing our natural hair while there's also a rise of wigs that look nothing like our natural hair within the community.. anyways, i'm definitely not judging here, i think we should all do what's best for us and do what makes us feel comfortable and at ease, i know for sure i like to switch up my style and thats what's freaking great about african hair.
    African hair freaking rock!

    1. Yes it does rock. So sorry for the hair slamming. Your hair is amazing just the way is. And I think that one the reasons the black community is conscious about hair because it is easy to loose your identity in a place that is not your own so hair is like one of the ways they can hold on to such identity.

  5. For me, whatever looks artistically pleasing on me, be it cut or full hair can go. I had been on low cut for a year now and the freedom and less headache was second to none, now I’m having a hair full of dreads but it’s not exactly a problem, for me it’s just hair BUT I wouldn’t dispute the fact that the African woman usually finds confidence and self love in an unapologetic and beautiful Fro. We Africans generally, have lived thinking that straight wavy hair is an unbeatable standard for beauty but now times are changing and so many people are finding beauty in big wild Fro’s. I also believe that a girl cutting her hair in Nigeria is received with so much shock because people’s experiences with low cut usually start from boarding school hair code and a glow down period in their lives.

    I love your blog post by the way ❤️

    1. Some do wear weaves and wigs because of the pressure to look “nice” and “professional” true but it’s safe to say 60% do it because it’s less stressful and just prefer it more. It has nothing to do with wanting to fit into the idea of what a pretty hair should be like. I think people who wear weaves or straighten their hair get stereotyped - like they’re not confident enough to rock their natural look. I think that’s false. Whatever makes you feel fly and confident, do it

    2. This comment is the summary of my whole post. Yes some people wear weaves to fit into a certain of beauty. Some others wear it just because personal preference. So it's the motive that makes good or bad. I am on low cut now i am loving it. I wear wigs sometimes. I just love that i can be bald 🦲in the morning and diva in the night. The thrill. It just depends.

  6. I agree with you. The meaning of hair is so relative. I’ve cut my hair once too ( you weren’t amongst those that didn’t laugh roseline but it’s all good. I couldn’t laugh back because I knew deep down, there was nothing to laugh about. You were /are rocking the look) and it was on impulse and also wanting to grow it natural/Afro. Hair means a lot to me. I think it’s a part of who I am. I’m a fashion craze and I love to do different things to my hair, try out new things - that’s why i choose to keep it.
    I believe whatever makes you confident in your style , do it!❤️

    You still owe me an apology. You yabbed my hair and slapped it a few times too����

    1. Lol It's all love baby! I agree with you too. I am not very experimental with my hair i should learn

  7. Wow. I love my hair. And I have good hair genes. So I have the confidence you have to cut it with the assurance it'd come back better and beautiful. I even cut it last year cause it was uneven and I wanted to try out the team natural thing, so I gradually chopped it. Now it's long enough to cause 'oohhs' and 'ahhhs' lol.
    But... I've been thinking about cutting it again (cause I got ****πŸ™ˆ one time and tho I've treated it I feel it wouldn't finally go until I cut the whole thing off πŸ˜ͺ).
    Anyways hair means a lot to me. I surely enhances our beauty.
    I love this blog!

    1. Thank you love..welcome to the good hair gene whatever makes you happy jare

  8. I love this writeup...
    (Though I didn't finish it... Lol. Ive always been a lazy reader)

    But its beautiful. I may never really understand the value you ladies place on your hair because I'm a guy... But I still love to keep a long hair... As a guy and on a lad . I think the hair enhances beauty sort of... But at the same time, not keeping a long hair makes one look pretty too. It all depends on who's keeping the hair and who's not.

    But then, you shouldn't have cut your hair na πŸ˜‚

    1. Lol shouldn't I have.. Lol.. Thank you for reading and I love the honesty

  9. Was laughing when I saw some people almost flogged me for cutting my hair....if u know you know. Blessings dear...should read your blog more often it's very full-filling...��

  10. I've been reading (binging, if that applies) a lot of your posts without dropping comments, but I just couldn't ignore this.

    I am literally OBSESSED with hair. I'm team natural, and my hair is long, but I still feel like it's not enough.
    I'd say nothing will make me cut my hair. Nothing at all.
    It's the one obsession in my life, that I wear like a badge.

    Hair aside, you are an amazing writer. Like seriously, you've probably heard it a lot but I don't think it's ever enough.
    Keep the ink flowing 🌹


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