Monday, 28 January 2019


             Finally I am 18! You guys I am so ecstatic, you have no idea how long I have waited for this age.
I thank God for keeping me.  I couldn’t wait to turn 18 but look at me now feeling so old.
A part of me wishes I was turning 16 again and the other part is so pumped that I am 18. I got a lot of messages, calls etc. Like my friends are the sweetest, they were actually counting down to 12am to call me and guess what I only took one call at that time because your girl slept off  praying.

 I can’t remember what I even prayed for but I know I have been thinking and revaluating, I have asked myself some hard questions like what is my purpose , what defines me , what drives me ,who are my friends , how is my love life.

 I am talking about Agape love; my approach and response towards people How do I respond to people?  who do people say that I am( see me sounding like Master Jesus).
The phase of adulthood just began for me and I just realized that I am getting closer to being responsible for myself. People of God I can actually go to kirikiri (jail) now  so no messing up lol.

My Phone decided to start acting up and I missed a lot of calls and messages, It pained my entire being eh, I hope everybody understands while I await my Iphone x  yunno!
I recieved gifts,Hugs and lots of kisses
I honestly feel some type of way ever since my birthday party on the (25th January).

 I think it is the panic of growing older; I literally got a pen and paper to plan my life. Epic! Am I over thinking things? Tell me how you felt when you turned eighteen or grew older.

This panic didn’t start now because my favourite poem in secondary school was ‘’THE PANIC OF GROWING OLDER’’click here to read the poem,It is so beautiful, relatetable and so  freaking accurate, it's by Lenrie peters and I memorised it word for word  now, It is all up in my feelings. Oh well! My year just started and I am going to utilise it. From today I will be more intentional, consistent and happy A.K.A living my best life.

My  Eighteenth birthday was lit by the way, I had people I love come together and we had mad fun. I felt loved like everything was about me. You know I really wish to have a million followers someday with a lot of engagement on my Instagram page and blog but I realized I wasn’t ready at all.

I had roughly 200 messages on my birthday and I couldn’t reply everybody guys It’s a lot of work. I was utterly confused so on this note I forgive the love of my life Abimbola Craig for not replying any of my Dm’s. I understand now GOODNESS!!!  And I hope you learn too

Anyway, my birthday was basically a hang out situation, we played, we got to talk about Adulting , sex,rape, dressing etc. and it was on that day I realised I  never watched high school musical(don’t ask me what I did with my childhood) or Game of thrones (don’t bite me I will watch for watching sake  hopefully sometime this year)
am I the only one who has not watched it? Because everyone seems to think I am an alien for not watching it, Safe to say my birthday was both educating and entertaining.

I will be sharing all we talked about in subsequent posts guys I learnt a lot from different perspectives. Ok this is long enough let me show you  the visuals

we went to the Amusement park 

cake eating time

birthday party and cruise

we had the funest slide ever

fun slide in the park

we ate and drank to stupor

drank to stupor

my friends are the goofiest and I love It

crazy pictures from my eighteenth birthday

Cake eating time

cake eating time

yas! am 18..gee dem

and my mummy came!

mother and her girls
she is the hot one on brown trousers

I had a food baby from the party


If you stayed till the end , I love you and please take time to appreciate yourself and be with people who love you, even if it is just a handful of them.

gbe body eh! peace out

Thursday, 17 January 2019


Rape should stop


   I deliberately chose not to do any further research or read any article on rape before putting up this post because I want to speak only my mind.
I have also made it a point of duty to spare you the dictionary meaning of rape, I will give you my own meaning of rape.
 I will tell you what I have called it.
'Rape is a wicked/malicious act of stealing integrity, Identity, pride, etc it is the forceful engagement and ownership of a body that is not your's'. 
OK, I promised myself to make this simple.

 Rape is basically having sexual intercourse with someone without full consent yes full consent. I say this because common sense should tell anyone that mixed signals or reluctance is a red flag. If she is saying yes and no at the same time bro zip up and bounce.

I am particularly basing on the female folk because truth be told they are the main victims of this evil called rape.  I had a conversation with a friend and he said
 '' men are raped too don't make noise as if its only women that suffer it.''
I wanted to be upset because it's annoying how it's only when we talk about rights for women that some men remember they have been mistreated. If it is so rampant then talk about it, don't use it as a defense mechanism or a yardstick to measure hurt when women speak up about their experiences.

I hear that this rape thing can be common among homosexuals you know when the small boy says he is not doing again with the big man forces him. Or even older Aunts forcing young boys to do nasty things. I totally get that but today, I will focus on the narrative on the female folk.

 Rape is bad and there is no justification for it. Even if anybody chooses to walk around naked it is not an excuse to be an uncultured swine.  I mean! nobody should suffer for anybody's lack of self-control period.

I hear some people give sickening illustrations like if a bank leaves the save open and someone comes to steal their money whose fault is it. Well, let me answer this, first of , the person is a thief ole! and should be punished. c'est fini.
It is not your own in the first place so why take it without permission. Secondly, when are we going to stop comparing women to buildings and inanimate objects for crying out loud the woman/girl is not CBN or Access bank lets have sense please, and before you give the example of 'Rape is already a problem why put more fire to it by dressing indecently or going to odd places' excuse you!

we are meant to be concerned about how to stop the Rape and rapists not how to stop ourselves from getting raped by the rapists stay woke! I abhor indecent dressing but common, we are too intelligent to justify rape by that now, far be it from me and you.

rape victims

Never Blame Rape victims

1. Never blame a rape victim no matter the circumstance surrounding the rape.
you have no idea the psychological trauma, sexual assault brings.
2. Don't ask where she was or try to justify the rape done.  Show care and empathy.

married women are rape victims too


Even If you are married, dating or having sexual intercourse with a person for many years and you have sex against your will It is  Rape. The day you say I don't want and your partner forces you, listen to me you have just been raped period. Seek help.
The amount of time you've had sex before is immaterial,  don't let anybody convince you otherwise.

Rape victim 

I want us to be more reasonable and aware when it comes to rape. Let's be more accommodating and empathetic towards this issue and stop making excuses for rapists. Some people think it's fair when a woman is raped if she dresses indecently or is seen at odd places, but the length of a woman's skirt should never increase the size of your manhood. Girls in Hijabs have been raped. Children in diapers have been molested. let's be sensible please and I do agree that men go through rape too, even by women. So I can only hope and pray for a better society. It's not about the, it's just that the rapist is a dimwit.

  The cause of rape is not darkness or alcohol or indecent dressing or whatever. The sole and only cause of rape is the RAPISTS. It is what it is and please stop saying what if she was your sister or daughter or mother. It makes it look like the victim must be related to you in order not to be raped or given Justice, she doesn't need to be your sister all she needs to be is a human being.

  please leave me a comment I'll love to read. Cheers!

Wednesday, 9 January 2019


classic powder and brow pencil




Good evening or morning or anytime you get to read this. I just said let me gist you. 
I need to know if this is a sign or if it's just something we experience all the time. So have you noticed how fresh over-the-counter guys are? Please tell me you have o, It is legit like they handpick the finest people to be receptionists or sales representatives, you would sternly disagree with me If you only buy from Abacha or Ekeawka, as for me I have never been to those places, but I hear it's a commercial market with lots of people haggling you know buying and selling stuff (some people will still say they saw me there yesterday). It's well o the truth will prevail one day. For us that shop in supermarts and grocery stores maybe you can relate, 

I have graciously come to the conclusion that handsome men are designed for the counter(don't bite me) because I am a regular customer at the bank I go there to deposit or withdraw money that doesn't belong to me and every time I go there something sweet must happen and am thinking it's no longer a coincidence maybe the universe is trying to communicate something to me. AMEN! lemme gist you.
On a very hot Friday afternoon I went to the bank with my mum she had stuffs to do, I was literally just her handbag following her from pillar to post then I noticed one chocolate flavoured looking guy staring dreamily at me needless to say I wasn't in my pepper them gang attire, I basically wore a washed-out purple off-shoulder blouse  and a Jean trouser that was begging for redemption, see eh that day I couldn't have been bothered abeg.

I know you're waiting for me to land relax! grab a glass Its getting juicy.  This guy kept on looking at me and quite frankly, I was enjoying the attention so I starred back occasionally I mean! It is not every day you see a cute beard gang that doesn't look like a goat. Before I knew what was happening we exchanged Numbers, just like that. He didn't call or text for days until I went to the bank again, nobody sent me o but I know I did not go there to look for him. 20 Minutes later am enjoying bank Ac and pressing Phone then this cleaner walks up to me and gives me a note It read ''let's meet outside'' oshee! this one is smart 

 Your girl stepped outside and this yummy man walked up to her. I was way taller than him to my bewilderment , I didn't mind, do you know what can happen if my genes meet his genes oh my ovaries jumped for joy! that man is fine joor. So just as if he was the confirmation I needed to believe my friend when she said ''fine boys have issues.'' He asked when I will be available to come over to his house. I was taken aback, I was shook! so am like what do you mean and he says '' I am busy inside when are you coming to show me, love.'' 

In that moment I swear his fine face disappeared from my eyes I saw him clearly now and he was so close to the ground. How do you lack sense and height at the same time Mtcheww?  I politely walked out on him and later that night he sent me messages of how he loves big girls and dislikes them if they turn out to be 'mummies girls' like me. He said he also has good friends that will spend money on me wow! I have become a universal donor, I didn't reply any of his messages until he said 'give me your account number.' well I replied, I told him to go away, that tufiakwa! lol, I promise I refused to send it or maybe I did my memory fails me at this point lol. He views my WhatsApp story and he has wished me a happy new year but my mother said 'when you see a man like that run till your legs can reach the back of your ears.'

As if that was not enough yesterday I went to a different Bank, Trust me I never wanted to go They are always sending me Haba! It was a long queue and I could tell this guy was looking straight into my eyes. I didn't even smile pim. It got to my turn and he says ''Sweetheart your welcome.'' welcome to where I didn't say nothing. He unwrapped 50k and told me to write my beautiful name and number on the wrap, smooth thang He was communicating with his eyes and he kept batting his eyelid and smiling at me then he said ''I will keep eyeing you till you do the needful.'' He made me laugh so yea I wrote my name and number for him. I was even doing team natural that day o nothing too much, oh ok I put small classic powder and maybe small eyeliner I mean my brows where not even noticeable , even my lips were not too pink so I don't know what is always drawing bank people to me as I do not figure 8 or size 2..He has not called me back and me  I think I will spend this my two hundred naira if I don't go back to that bank and deposit it. 

What do you think? Because If I stay here my future Husband might become a thing of the past
PS; That picture was my natural look to the bank.  I did the make up myself yay

Sunday, 4 November 2018

STORY TIME:Drug store chronicles of a black eyed woman

Gist time

I walked into a pharmacy to buy drugs since malaria started paying me monthly visits. I stood there over the counter trying to haggle the price of Amatem when this slender light-skinned lady that looked nothing short of disheveled came into the pharmacy, from the lines on her forehead and the paleness of her yellow skin I could tell she had seen rough days.
There were three nurses available to attend to people but aunty sat patiently, waiting.

I wondered why anyone would be sitting comfortably on the pew despite the over-exaggerated stench of what seemed like expired hydro-peroxide, me that just wants them to reduce two hundred naira from the money so I can be going.
I had already imagined dragging her to the counter because drug store is not a theatre where you come and watch people buy drugs bikonu! for some reason I was just on her case, just to add it was a guy attending to me. This caramel tall guy with brown eyes chai! it's not as if I didn't have extra 200, it was a planned motive to keep admiring this carefully sculpted man.

well, I turned to look at this lady again and I noticed she had a black patch on her left eye.ah! she looked like she just auditioned for a slot on www championships league, see black eye! I silently cursed whoever did this to her and if she got into a fight I needed to see what the other person looked like because👀..I was just physically analyzing this woman then I saw a  ring on her fourth finger, no offense but from the washed-out nature of that ring i was already convinced the marriage was having issues.hian!ring that is now oversized and almost brown. change it!  Forgive me for jumping into conclusion. 

I had to hear the end of the story. So  I started asking my future boyfriend's look-alike about weight loss and healthy eating habits I even pretended to be jotting he was so impressed that he kept talking as per let me finish my degree on this girl.
10minutes later  I am still standing, the lady starts looking around, looking at me lol

if she thinks am going without knowing what she came to do she will have to come back in the night because I have time.

Usually, the nurse would ask her what the problem was, but she was busy looking for a battery for the BP machine. Everybody ignored her since her fine legs cannot carry her to the counter. I was almost giving up waiting when I heard
 '' abeg oh make una come  attend to me o, give me something to clear this face before they say my husband beat  me.''

why oh why all her coding and hiding down the drain, did she have to add the last part.
''Okay I am coming, the pretty dark-skinned battery searching nurse said as she approached the counter

"madam how did this happen"

  oya truthfully state the obvious lemme be going o 
"I don't know o nurse, i woke up and saw it like that"

in the most sarcastic voice, I have ever heard  the nurse
 " just woke up and you saw it like this, come inside"

me: singing i woke up like this I woke up like this in Beyonce's voice 

 well, the nurse gave her pain relievers and skineal among other things, just enough to restore her swollen face near to its normal state. I took my Amatem and told my yummy nurse I'll be back for more questions.
''bye, make sure you eat lots of fruits and veggies okay" he said waving at me.
veggies ko fruit ni

...I  think its really obvious what happened to this Woman. Her husband beat her and I get that she is probably ashamed of it. Hence the drama. Society handles domestic violence with stigma e.g stupid questions like "what did you do."

 I pray she heals and finds peace and wisdom to handle her current situation as for me she should report him haba how will you beat a person and change their skin color. I told my cousin about it and she said I should not be too certain about what happened to the woman. In her exact words "not all married women with a Black eye who come to buy pain relievers were beaten by their husbands"

If you have any suggestions on what you think might have happened please feel free to comment .lets chat↓↓
 ps; this picture was gotten from the internet


Saturday, 3 November 2018


A girl with big dreams

A girl is allowed to dream. I interview myself a lot. It's for my big day, when I become that great person. I will probably look at this in the future and laugh. Now sit back and imagine you are watching me on CNN or YouTube. Cheers.

Please tell us when where you born?

I am a '20s' kid. My teenage years are almost finished.

What is your full name and are you proud of it?

My full name is Roseline Mgbodichinma Anya Okorie. I am proud of it. I am particularly in love with ''Mgbodichinma'' it translates to ''when it pleases God or surrender to the divine."

Where are you from?


Do you love playing sports or do you like watching?

I'd say both. I am not much of a sports person I try to work out sometimes and I really love watching women Olympics or gymnastics because I get to imagine running and somersaulting. I am an athlete in my mind, I run marathons with my Imagination. I only enjoy watching football when Naija is playing as a patriotic Nigerian citizen lol.

Which one is better basketball or baseball?

I think basketball because basketballers are hot (the guys with carefully crafted 6 packs of yummy goodness.)

Who is your favorite musician from the 20th century?

I do not have a favorite musician, love for music for me stems from lyrics and beats so it changes over time. I admire artists like Tasha Cobbs, Tye Tribbett, Travis Greene,waje, Cohbams. The personalities of the artists draw me into their song and my preferences change over time depending on my mood.

 Are you proud of your points in high school?

yes! I am very humbled by it. God was too good.

What's your favorite drink?

water, ok I am lying, still battling with Smoove(Chapman) and vita milk, buy me a carton of these drinks and we are married.

who is your favorite writer?

It goes without saying CHIMAMANDA NGOZI ADICHIE,  have you read Half of a yellow sun! I read it twice. 

If you have children what will you name them?

I'll give them long Igbo or Yoruba names, especially my daughters I will give them difficult names, they can thank me later.

Which business do you want to have and why?

well,  I am a bit uncertain about this now but I know I want to own a fashion/beauty place. I am interested in beautiful fabrics, outfits, make up, etc because looking good is good business. I want to own a writing/publishing house too. 

What is your favorite scene from movies?

when an actor says something crazy, random, or cool I keep re-watching the scene. I like romance scenes because I love love.

How tall are you have you dreamt of being taller?

I think I am 5'7, and yes I have dreamt of being taller.

What is your favorite number please tell us why?

 I never thought about this before  but now I think it is number one 1, maybe because it represents unity.

Have you ever dreamed of being a successful lawyer?

yes! I am a law student currently and I dream of myself landing mergers, going to trial and closing deals, that's how havard started doing me after watching suits(I recommend you should watch it.)

Where do you want to travel?

Everywhere! Right now I really want to go to South Africa (to my south African readers👋heyylowww)

Can you describe yourself in three words?

Caring, Assertive, free-spirited.

How many books do you read during summer vacations?

Three to five then lots of poetry.

What was the reason you cried the last time?

I was asking God for forgiveness, cos I messed up big time.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

In 10years I would have published my book, finished law school. The rest is up to God

Do you have pets?

Nope, after a dog chased the skin out of me I took a conscious decision not to be a pet person.

What's the color of your eyes?

It is pepper red when I am angry, and black normally.

What's your favorite pass time?

watching music and dance videos I can do it all day.

If you can eliminate one limitation in your life what will it be?

It will be uncle and aunty procrastination.

Do you sing in the shower?

YES, I release my debut albums and singles there.

I interviewed myself

Tuesday, 14 August 2018



You lay still, Your tears like river
As he came in and out of your slits
Like one would pull a plant
His sweat dripped on you like misery
That night was the end of your purity
But I do not blame you for shutting his destiny

That club that took away a sad life
Still hangs in the blues
But let the horror give way
Let it give  your memory no strife
He can't hurt you again..
He was buried with his ego and strength
Dimola,Dead lions can't roar
Especially one who took without a price,
Your pride ,beauty and will thrice

This was my entry for Tolu Toludo #poetry challenge

Tuesday, 17 October 2017


A painting of a woman in a scarf

Mere looks at the hooks in my life
Makes me bruise the knee of my cruise
My life is full of strife
I just sit calmly and listen to the blues

Men and women chattering
I feel numb
My life is torn and confused
When from my mothers breast a suckling
I do not feel protected
Where do I go cuddling?
Am I  now too big to fit into my cradle basket!!

I Am grown to the open world
Where my Mother only hopes and prays
She prays "may her dreams never grow null''
"May she surpass turbulent gates"

I Am out in the solitude of the  bushes
The one with beautiful unwanted fruits
Free to pluck as it lay there rotten & languished.
I feel a connection there
Am I now like forest fruits
Beautiful yet unwanted?
I will go home and ask my mother
or perhaps mother nature
Why life and growth are so tormented!

Monday, 9 October 2017


chimamanda ngozi adichie

I really love Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and I  hope I meet her one day. This has to be my favorite quote from her.

The knowledge of cooking does not come pre-installed in a vagina, I mean cooking, by the way, is a very useful skill for a boy to have, I have never thought it made sense to leave such a vital thing "the ability to nourish oneself in the hands of others_CHIMAMANDA NGOZI ADICHIE

To read more about her visit  her website

Vogue cover Chimamanda Adichie

A photo of chimamanda Ngozi adichie

Chimamanda ngozi adichie

Chimamandas speech


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